LXNN Limited Edition Art Prints
Tuesday, February 1, 2022

12 limited edition prints for my LXNN original oil painting are now available!

Each print is 12”x12” Gicle?e on watercolor paper, acid free, signed and numbered edition of 12.

Price is $40 USD each, with free shipping.

These are now availabile in my shop! Order there, send me a message directly, or DM me on any major social media platform.

Thank you for your love and support <3

Letter 2: Many Deaths
Thursday, July 22, 2021


"I’ve attended many funerals this year. All of them were mine." - Emma Zeck


My Rose painting is finished.  It is called “LXNN”. A 12x12 inch oil painting on wood panel. The original is off to a private collection.

This piece is imprinted with Consciousness, Energy & Love that will span generations. This piece is about Love, Presence, & Emotion. The Divine Feminine & Masculine. I offered it as a gift to all that is a Sacred. Many parts of me died with this piece. And many parts will live on.

I will be offering limited edition prints of LXNN soon. Stay tuned.

I’m noticing so many helpful and beautiful lessons being reflected through both new and old friends lately. They remind me that my Love is my Love, and I will express it how I need to. They remind me how painting is my most pure form of expression. It’s such deep, Sacred Work… my Art. Really in all it’s forms- writing, painting, animation, pictures/videos, experiences, my Life… I think a piece of my Spirit gets infused into any of my physical Art manifestations, and people can literally have it. They can feel it, experience it- far beyond my lifetime. And theirs. So, the more I show up and give to my Art from this place of Sacred Love, the more I’m noticing it’s impact and effect on others, the World, My World... in how it’s received.





I have been spending SO. MUCH. TIME. Just Being with Mother Nature lately. Wandering, playing, feeling, sitting. It’s a place true nourishment.

Where this flower picture was taken, has been my Sit Spot for the past few years. I’ve been meeting with the same rock here, every season; Watching the land, animals, seasons- Mother Earth- change. Just as I have been witnessing myself changing with Her. This place was the first place I wandered after moving to Colorado years ago. I feel so grounded & connected at this specific location. I’ve worked through and felt into A LOT, right here, on a freaking rock. I experience visions, messages, downloads, stillness, wonder… everything happens here. And nothing happens here.

What I feel into, becomes expressed through my Artwork, Creativity, & Gifts that I offer the World.

I’ve been coming here almost every day lately. Sit & Feel. Move & Feel. Feel. And while this Spot will always hold a special place in my Heart, I think it’s time to Witness & Connect with the Mother somewhere else.

I think every year now, I’ll find a new Sit Spot, and be with the changing seasons there... Allowing new energy, perspectives, and lessons to come through. To see what comes alive in different areas of the Land.

I think I'm starting to fully Show Up in my life right now. And it's looking like a whole New World. I have been watching literally zero TV; avoiding numbing out pretty much at all in any form, over the past few months. I’ve been mostly just painting, playing music, reading, practicing, learning, connecting with humans, and spending time with Mother Nature. Being here with whatever comes in each moment. I'm not chasing any thing or anyone. No dreams or illusions. I don't need to. I just need to Be Here, Now. And so, I'm free.




Waking up to 'Consciousness' in this way has made quitting cigarettes pretty easy. It’s been my last remaining ‘vice’ for a while now. I’ve tried multiple times over the past decade to stop, and it always felt impossible. I especially couldn't handle the cravings then.

So even with the whirlwind of emotions I’ve been experiencing this year- just being able to notice my body, cravings, impulses- and take my Awareness elsewhere, remembering to be present- has made all the difference. This is a 10 year…. Generational habit I’m breaking… and it has felt so aligned and easeful. Deeper understanding of the Self and shifting perspectives has helped too. I won’t ever smoke anything ever again. It’s literally traumatic for me to smoke, because it is tied to really negative childhood experiences of mine.

So now, I'm back in a space of having no dependence on anything but myself and love to function. It is freaking liberating. From now on, I’ll just be keeping some tea around.

I remember frequently to maintain awareness around where my awareness is (ya, that's confusing); but that is kind of the first step of depth. It’s quite simple, for example: Is my awareness on my friend or partner's dissatisfaction; my failings; what I want, but I’m not getting? … Or is my awareness on the depth of this moment; sensations in my body; and beauty of life all around me?

In the Spirit of being Seen; I did a prayer with my bodyworker a day or two after this 2nd awakening around the Divine Feminine and Forgiveness / My Experience. It was terrifying, and mystical. I’m grateful for how she held space for us to do this. She stood in front of me, while I was on my knees, speaking from my Heart. I gave her a stone to hold. It was healing- to bring what I had seen and learned to someone else. It's seeming as if nothing is actually real unless it's shared.

After the prayer, during our session, we were working on a spot on my leg that I had injured when hiking recently. I ran harder than I have in a very long time, moving some of the pain and emotions I was feeling around my last relationship. When she was putting pressure on this spot, I could feel it connected to my Heart. I asked her if this was true, and she shared that it took Chinese medicine thousands of years to figure out what this same spot is connected to.

Injuring this spot, connected to my Heart, while working through Heartbreak, and feeling that connection in my body when she put pressure on it- was no coincidence.

I’m owning how much my past relationship broke me. Broke my heart, my hope, my trust… AND broke my layered, protective shells so beautifully wide open. It helped change my life.

I’m realizing this Work isn’t really necessarily a path to happiness… But rather a path to the depths of feeling and living from my heart. Living in Purpose. A big part of my happiness is freedom, and I find exactly that in every single present moment. And I have access to this freedom anywhere, at any time.

It is not the receiving of Love that has necessarily made me happy. It is the giving of Love that has completely changed my life.

I’ve been so very into breathwork recently- by myself, being seen, and just when I'm going through my day. It's becoming very integrated.

I’ve been really enjoying circles/events around this with some friends at Inner Light Revival. It's an edge for me... There’s something terrifying, and deeply nourishing being seen in a pure form of expression, moving it through my body. I really enjoy how it's a safe container where that kind of thing is accepted, not shamed.

Some events are a mix of a sound healing journey/gong baths too- which I especially enjoy. Two artists I got to experience recently while doing breathwork are Sara Emmitt and Yaima. Check them out.




There is a deep, deep Knowing in all things that I can see in how my body responds, feels, & experiences. When I reflect back, it has always been right, 100% of my entire life. It can sense so much more than my mind. It was just so good to be reminded that my intuition, feelings, and connectedness throughout my body runs deep and true. It was a reminder that I’m not crazy- you’re not crazy- our minds are what get in the way of our deep Knowing. When I’m Here & Now, I can feel everything, I can see everything, and my thoughts float by like clouds. It’s almost as if my mind becomes useless in that space. And I can just listen and feel into my body. It’s beautiful.

That is magical to me. My body and intuition has always been so locked in when I’m fully showing up in my life. And I can't see these gifts... these messages... if I'm not fully ripped open (in the most amazing way). I’m not running from how deeply I can feel things anymore. So while I seek deep understanding and wisdom, I have that already present in my body.

The Body Knows. Remember that.

As I’ve gone deeper into this Work, I’m noticing how dangerous it can be. It's scary. It can be so very confusing. Narcissist’s & Sociopaths, or anyone with ill or unconscious intentions really, can use these skills and tools in really harmful ways. In a sense, they are designed to have you feeling confused, dependent, scared, shamed, obedient.

The reality is that a lot of this knowledge has been handed down and exists within power structures. And I'm particularly noticing a very disturbing trend with white cis men teaching it. "Leaders", "Gurus", "Coaches", "Therapists"... whatever the F. And Women too have been influenced and perpetuate unconsciously to this extent. It's so sneaky and cunning. It works so well and it's really freaking hard to see while it's happening.

I’m not becoming totally hopeless in this sense- but more-so learning to be thoughtful, and not just blindly trust all of the knowledge passed down and taught this way. In books. Wherever. These lessons are really important for me at this point. Learning this way is new for me. I've spent most of my time sitting with Elders in the Woods and experiencing life as my teacher. So I can’t trust within these power structures like I can in other areas of my life. It really is a beautiful lesson. I need to really feel into what’s in integrity, true, and from a place of love- for me, and in my body- when learning from others in this space. And from that place, carry what is True for me in my Heart and out into the World.

The deepest wisdom I have lives in my body and in my experiences.

So ya, it seems most of these self-help people come from a place of “my way or the highway” or "this way is the right way" - and that makes me feel like my experience of life is inferior. And that's just total bullsh*t.

So- Self awareness is probably the most important thing here when making my way through all of this. Did Socrates buy a book or course on changing the World? No. He just did it. He experienced it. He lived it.

So things like David Deida's book “The Way of the Superior Man” - is actually pretty arrogant to me. Some white cis man created these rules to live my life like a Superior Man, and I should just act that way to feel that way? 

It actually feels like a way to disguise who I really am, and how I really feel about my life.

How can I create a deep, open, and powerful connection a partner while I'm trying to remember to live as if I could die at any given moment?

Is a Superior Man really one who lives his life by rules in a book, or defined by "gurus"? Or is a Superior Man one who lives and embodies his truth in every single freaking moment?

So... it seems all of this Self-help stuff can be a double-edged sword. It can make you closed, hurtful, and unconscious... or it can make you open-hearted and deeply felt. It can turn you into a narcissist asshole, or someone with a realistic and healthy sense of Sacred Self and Relationship. It can help you get clarity on living in a way where you and the World rise, or it can lead you down a darker path – where you and humanity suffer. It can liberate consciousness, or perpetuate unconscious behavior. 

Sidenote- I think it's especially dangerous in areas like Boulder, where there are a lot of vulnerable, fragile people seeking help, healing and support.

Anyways, I hope Women take over the world really soon. I think we’ll be much better off :)

So... I’m approaching all of this Work in that cautious way - understanding that it can be both helpful, and dangerous. I’m almost completely done with all of John Wineland’s Online Workshop. I’ve done every single Masculine, Feminine, & Partner Practice (there’s over 100 based on various traditions), and recorded them all on my phone while I went through them. So now, I have them for the rest of my life. I’ve watched through every lesson on the Masculine, Feminine, & Spiritual Intimacy. I’ve done all the homework and inventories on my own life. And while I’ll still be integrating / working with John, going to "The Embodied Men's Leadership Intensive" at Mt. Shasta in October... I can really slow down there, continue to integrate what's true for me, and work with some other aspects of my being in a more focused way (more on that in the future). His work has helped change my life, I don't agree with it all, and it is dangerous. I'm curious to meet and feel into some of these Men, John, and what we might get up to.

And honestly, Mt. Shasta is on one of the Ley Lines of the Earth, so I've always wanted to feel into the Mother's energy there anyways. That alone is worth the trip to me.

I started reading a few of these books I bought recently too. Right now, I’m poking around in Gene Keys / Human Design things more slowly, while reading lots of poetry, and learning more about trauma.

But not too much. Not too fast. More remembering to just Be. Slowing down. Slowww.

Also- check out Jeff James Howard. I'm truly grateful for this human being. He's been a very meaningful presence in my life. If you’re around Boulder and seeking guidance, I would highly suggest that you connect with this Man. He is co-leading a retreat “The Empowered Man” at Elkstone Farms in Steamboat Springs in October. And leads some of the Men’s Groups I’ve mentioned in the Kiva. In my experience, he’s a really good man of integrity.

And Jack Shure. I want to acknowledge you too. Thank you for teaching me to oil paint with the Gods.




I want to be Seen. I want to be Heard. Received. I want to be Raw. I want to share my experiences. I want to make a freaking mess. Express what's True, from my Heart. I want my words to pierce you. I want to be unfiltered and unrestricted. I’m done with thinking. I'm feeling. I won't feed this illusion that we all have it figured out. I don’t. I Know Nothing. My Truth is arising. Give me Passion. Give me Depth. Give me Love. Give me Intimacy. Give me Vulnerability. Give me Crazy. Give me Truth. Open your Heart.

I am Mr. Nobody.

I’m not a Leader. I’m not Woke. I’m not a Coach. I’m not a Therapist. I’m F’d up and I’m hurt. I'm Here and I Love. I’m blissful and I'm broken. We all are.

In this space, I am free.

Just the Self- Witnessing nothing; feeling everything; destroying everything around me; letting everything within me, die. To be reborn.

I’m feeling more alive than I ever have.

From my Heart <3

Letter 1: Transitions
Saturday, July 10, 2021

Back to writing. Where I feel most safely, and best expressed. Where I feel most clearly felt, and received- especially when communicating through the medium of our devices. 


Back to this space of rawness and vulnerability. Wordplay and expression. This feels aligned. Even refreshing. It is a space where I feel that I can articulate myself more thoughtfully, deeply, and communicate more clearly with care- for myself, and for others. 


I am a human best felt & experienced in-person. And so this video/vlogging thing that I’ve been trying to use as a means to communicate and express lately, has me feeling lost in translation. And so, I will save that energy & presence for the moments I experience in my human form. 


Here, digitally, moving forward- I will go back to expressing & sharing my experiences and lessons primarily through written word, accompanied with videos/images from my life’s journey. I think you will feel me more deeply & clearly in this space, this way. Writing is one of my true gifts. I am ending this pattern of putting my gifts on a shelf for later, and/or pretending that they don’t exist.


I write. I paint and make art. I sit with Mother Nature. I share my Heart. Deep spiritual work is important to me. I help and serve others. This is just who I am.


My life is Art. And my Art is Sacred Service. In the name of Love.


The past few months of this life has fully ripped me open- in both the most beautiful, and painful, ways. It’s polarizing. Life seems to really hit me in full force when the real, emotional pain arrives. I was starved for emotional support and love as a child. And in ways, that felt like Death growing up.


Opening amongst the pain is where I’ve experienced some of the most magical moments, and learned some of the most meaningful lessons in my life. I do not seek pain. But there is so much deep wisdom there (how many people learn a lot during the ‘good times’ anyways?)…and so when it comes, I try and use it, rather than collapse (although that has happened too). 



This time around, when the un-welcomed pain arrived… I fully fvcking opened to it… in ways that  I never have before. And something has happened. Something huge. My entire existence has changed. It’s like The Infinite gave me some new eyeballs. A new lens through which to see the World.


My entire relationship culminated in an “Awakening” of sorts. Right at the very end. It was my second such experience. I will admit, my concept of these experiences themselves is even shattering. I don’t really know what to call them or how to explain them. It’s like Spirit visiting…. Being touched by the Divine Feminine/Masculine… Taking the Red Pill out of the Matrix… Realizing Self, Trauma, Behavior and Presence. A Mystical experience. A result of Men’s work. A mix of everything I’m supposed to learn culminating in a fully felt embodied experience, all at once. I don’t know. Something really unexplainable happens.


When I ‘woke up’ the first time almost a decade ago, it was like waking up to God, The Infinite, and Myself. So it was more just about me- my actions, thoughts, feelings, ways of being, feeling, seeing… I felt connected (or maybe even disconnected, in a beautiful way). I could Trust. I could feel the Unseen. I could see all the magic working in my life, especially if I was just open to it. Nothing was a coincidence anymore. It was like I could see myself & God together for the first time. Inside. And I felt it. I was granted so much peace and understanding in those moments.


This 2nd awakening was that same type of feeling, only the message was different. It was like waking up to myself in Relationship & Connection to everything else- not just myself & God. I woke up to Presence, Connection, Awareness, Depth, Love, Relationship, Purpose… 



I cried for 10 hours straight. I have no idea how the body can even create that amount of tears. The sadness and pain I felt ran way deeper than just my experience. It cut so deep that I could feel all of the Feminine’s suffering & pain- within myself & Other. It actually destroyed me. I was on my knees, arms open, rooted and connected, begging forgiveness for all of mine, and the Masculine’s unconscious ways. It’s been Generations of this shyt. I could feel how badly She is starving for Love. Dying to be Seen. Held. Felt. Lead. Honored. And I have been a part of that suffering in the past. My unconscious masculine behavior has shown up in every one of my past relationships. And I couldn’t ever see it… until this Moment arrived. 


Why does it take so long to get the message sometimes? Why couldn’t I see it sooner? I guess that’s not really how life works. I could finally see so clearly how I act/experience unconsciously when in relationship with others- friends, family, lovers, animals, really all beings. It all became so specific and clear. 


Maybe a good way to explain the experience is that it was like waking up to Consciousness, Awareness & Presence. Like okay, now I can feel everything, AND witness it all. I can be fully in it, and fully see it. And I can play within those realms. I can take my Awareness ANYWHERE. And that way of existing is part of the Masculine/Feminine polarity of the Universe. Go ahead, look at the very center of an Atom. It’s 90% empty space, and then Energy swirling. The Masculine & The Feminine. Right there, in everything. All of us.



And so… I could see how once I get in relationship with a life partner (and especially if we live together in the same home), I would slowly but quickly start to fall asleep. And I couldn’t ever see it once I start snoozing, nonetheless pull myself out of it. This realization was fvcking painful. In this unconscious state of being, I carry so many things that just aren’t mine. I become some messed up mutated mix of how all of my partners acted in relationship, with a mix of traumatized childhood Michael, dying for Love. It’s totally twisted. It disgusts me in ways. In those moments, the lessons cut so deep. I hated how I wasn’t ready/couldn’t see any of this for so long. I’ve fallen asleep and become that mutated weirdo in all of my relationships- and I could never see it. Until now? Why? And it feels like I just stumbled here somehow? I guess it doesn’t matter Why.


I couldn’t recognize how any of my childhood trauma & experiences was showing up in relationship until then. And I didn’t know how to work with it. It sucks- I would end up acting out all the ways my parents existed in relationship- especially in ways like prioritizing everything else in life BUT Love and sharing the depths of my Heart. This realization wrecked me. I fvcking exist for Love. To give Love. Embody Love. Share Love. It’s part of my Purpose. So, existing that way feels terrible.


Another part of my experience felt like an initiation into Sacred Manhood. Not this BS toxic masculine stuff that’s been going on for centuries. There is literally zero initiation into Manhood in 2021. There’s no path. No guides. No playbook. No structure. Even, for example, in some indigenous cultures- initiation to Manhood would look something like surviving a pit of Snakes for 7 days, then boom, make it out alive, and you’re a Man.



So, my examples of what it means to be a Man, Masculine, Lead or Show Up in relationship… or do anything really Sacred growing up…. just doesn’t resonate with my Heart. These examples haven’t really helped me at all. They’ve been more confusing than anything. They haven’t been a good example of how to be a Lover. How to be Present. How to notice my behavior. How to get support around my issues. How to create safe containers for different forms of expression. Even “S3xual Education” classes in school were pretty much a biology class. (Excuse me, there’s way more to S3xuality than human bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces, Mrs. Henderson. Thanks.)


I don’t fault or blame anyone for any of this. It’s just my experience. Hard lessons. Beautiful Truths.


It’s so fascinating to me… I came here to Colorado with the intention to Heal, and I never would have imagined it would look anything like this. This is far from easy. And I can’t just meditate or ecstatic dance my way out of feeling all of this. This is decades and generations of stuff to unpack.


And it so wild to me that it took an entire string of events over the course of the past 3.5 years to wake me up in this way. Right up until there was no more opportunity for repair left, and connection severed. Only THEN, was I gifted new eyes. It’s maybe the biggest BOTH/AND of my life. I’m so grateful for these lessons, and I am fully ripped open. Ouch. Butterfly emerging from the cocoon.



The way my relationship ended, it triggered pretty much all of my unconscious habits, old programming, trauma responses, and reactions in such a toxic way. I found myself having drug cravings for the first time since I can even remember. Heavy Fight/Flight modes. Rapid shifts of emotion full spectrum from Rage to Sadness to Acceptance to Forgiveness to WTF to ???. Anxious ticks. Body shakes/shockwaves. I was chain smoking cigarettes. Bursting out emotion at the wrong/unsafe people (Mini Lesson: I have a Feminine Emotional Body; so I need safe containers to express that way. Or BOOM Sagittarius FIRE BOMB). Scrambling for repair. Hanging on to Hope as a means of survival. No sleep. Barely eating. And I didn’t run from any of my feelings this time around. I welcomed more in. Whatever wanted to arise, I let it. 


Who the F started shaming people for feeling and grieving, anyways? 


And labeling people with a description that’s like a one-size-fits-all clinically identified emotion? 


Going and hiding in a corner until “I work it out alone” does not work well either.



A massive part of what’s been helping shift everything so quickly and meaningfully for me during this time is Men’s Work. What that looks like for me right now involves working with John Wineland in the realms of Masculine/Feminine Polarity, S3xuality, Intimacy, Depth, Purpose, Relationship & Embodiment. It looks like hours of active practice (and by practice I mean things like breathwork, meditation, kundalini, Qigong, prayer, bioenergetics, tantra, taoism…), each day. Every day. Instead of numbing out, I bought like 50 books around spirituality, relationship, communication, shadow work, human design, s3x, love, and intimacy. I’ve been studying, learning, & integrating. I haven’t been distracting myself- but rather deepening. I re-prioritized everything in my life, putting this Work and Love right at the very top again. As it should be. I reached out for support from other Men around my experience- and they showed up like freaking rockstars. I’ve been going to sound healing journeys. Ecstatic Dance. Breathwork circles. Body Work. Ancestral Work. Somatics. Therapy. I’m running up the mountain, and sitting on a rock to meditate for an hour when I get there. 


It’s just important that I’m opening, and not hiding and collapsing into a shell. 


These practices have allowed me to move so much energy and emotions that has literally been stored in my bones, my DNA, my body… for 30+ years. And it’s important that I’m doing these practices with myself, another human, and in community. 


I’ve been noticing feelings and experiences are arising that I totally drowned in my psyche as a child- mostly because they were so painful to deal with at the time. I didn’t have the tools to deal with certain experiences. Feelings & experiences totally unrelated to my breakup have been coming through recently. And it can get confusing in that space- what is what- and then figuring out how to work with all these different things.



And so… I’ve created intentional space just to do this spiritual work and heal all these aspects of my being- so that I can show up more Whole in the World. And I’m doing this work in a very committed, conscious and supported way, for the rest of the year. For the rest of my life.


I’m remembering myself- my presence- my love. Opening to and feeling everything. And it’s changed my life. I’m transforming in such magnificent, meaningful ways. I can see so very differently. It’s borderline psychedelic. Everything I need is right Here. Now. I’ve sat on my couch more than ever before- and not to watch Netflix or numb out. Just to feel. Feel. It. All. To practice. I want to Work with it all right now. It just feels aligned. And if it is all only for the sake of deepening my Love that I get to share with the World- than I am so very grateful for that opportunity. 


There is still so much Work to do. Nobody can heal my trauma. Patch up my wounds. I have to do that. It’s my responsibility.


I am not my parents. Some of the parts of them in me have been slowly dying over the years, but now it feels like a mass exorcism. I can’t smoke cigarettes- my father habitually did that. His father did that. I can’t smoke weed, drink alcohol- my stepfather did that, and then he would get abusive. My self-regulation ’ticks’ are from my Mom. The way I react is the way I learned to react as a means of survival from when I was young. Success being more important than Love is not me- it’s how my parents existed in relationship. So many of their/my lineages behaviors have been passed on to me- and it feels almost invasive. Like it’s not really my essence, but it takes me over if I’m not Aware, Grounded, and Connected. If I’m not HERE, NOW, my shadow comes out to play. And I can’t do anything about it or even notice it unless I’m practicing and showing up for myself in my life and relationship different than I have in the past.



So now that I can see all of the ways this stuff shows up in my adult life, I have to work with it. I have to remove it from my ways of being, and then lovely invite it back into my Heart. My Heart can handle all of it. And more. 


It just tears me up how much all of this trauma and childhood experiences has impacted my entire life and relationships. I’m thankful I can see it now, work with it, heal it… for my entire family. For all my relationships.


I deeply regret so many things about my past relationships- and I can’t do anything now to change that. Some doors are closed, connections severed. I find myself hanging on to hope in ways, like a fairytale romance… but that’s probably also a trauma response / survival technique from my childhood… and there’s a difference between hanging on to hope in that way, and having hope as a healthy, sacred Masculine adult. 


Everything has happened exactly as it needed to, regardless who was at fault, and for a greater purpose. At least for me- I needed to See these things that I couldn’t for so long. 


I’m learning. Discovering my own Sacred Masculine and Feminine. Becoming a Man. Healing all of my this trauma and doing all this Men’s Work so that I can shine brighter, step into myself, and become more whole. And I’m not just learning/studying. I’m integrating all of this into my daily life. I seek wisdom and understanding. Depth and openness. Not just knowledge.


Living this intentional way is hard, but living and experiencing unconsciously is so much harder.


In ways this experience has been a giant paradox. My ex-partner was showing me so much of this work and ways of being… These ways of looking at the world, Women, Myself, S3x, Relationship, etc…. that I never knew existed. She was showing me for a while now. And yet because I became a sleeping little boy, I would put so much of this Work on a shelf for later- and worry about other things besides Love and Connection- just like my parents existed. 



It’s been especially hard to do some of this work after the breakup, because so much of it is about relationship. And now that I’m fully committed, She is gone. It’s hard to do some practices without a partner. And when I do, I find myself imagining her being there some times. More hard lessons- I had the opportunity to practice with her, and I didn’t Show Up. 


I get so mad at myself that I couldn’t see all of this until it was over. Until the very end. And now, the only amends I can make are through my actions and ways of being moving forward. And carry these lessons with me everywhere I go, into every new experience, every future and current relationship or connection. 


I miss the way she made me feel. And I’m remembering again that I can give that to myself first. I have to. All the love and nourishment I need in life doesn’t require a partner.


So… what’s next? Continuing down this road. Deepening. Shedding these toxic layers. Becoming more Whole. Stepping more fully into Manhood. Stepping into my true-self. Living attuned, and from a place of deep Presence and Love. Deep Purpose. Remembering to be Here. Now. I will read. I will write. I will practice. I will make Art. I will be falling deeper and deeper into just Being. It’s so simple when I zoom out.


In becoming more fully realized, I want to be ready for my next relationship, and carry the depths of my love into every connection, any new experiences- for the rest of my life. Only the deepest Presence and Love is what I am meant to radiate in connection. This is my Sacred Vow.


And then… help people through sharing and supporting- as a means of Sacred Service. Not as a business model. It’s about Love and Humanity for me. And that doesn’t involve money. There’s billions of people who are still sleeping, just like I was. And all of this is Human. Not psychotic, abnormal, or weird. It’s utterly Human, to FEEL. We’re not alone in our experiences. 



The details and specifics of what’s been happening over the past few months don’t matter too much to me anymore. I’m so deeply regretful of so many things that happened, and there’s no more opportunity for repair except through my actions moving forward. These lessons have been so hard, but they are changing and healing myself and generations of people. 


This all feels like it’s the only thing really left for me to do now with my life. I don’t need anything else. Just Love, Depth and Aliveness.


My entire life has changed. I will always have this Work to do. I’m trusting my life. Everything has a Purpose. A purpose. A purpose. I don’t need or want anything- I can give it all to myself. I am living my life out of Love again. 


So… here is a picture of a Rose that I just finished painting. I should have finished painted this a long time ago. It was on the shelf along with everything else aligned with my Heart. And it was emotionally difficult to paint through, but it helped me work through and feel a lot of this stuff in my share. 


This painting carries so much meaning and special energy. It serves as timeless marker of powerful changes swirling in the Universe. In both myself, in relationship, and with the Masculine/Feminine. At it’s core, it is a reflection of my deep reverence, honor and love for Her, and the Sacred Feminine. Her essence. It’s a symbol of Love.


Thank you for these lessons, these new eyes, and new hope, Lord Universe. I’m so grateful. The World looks so wonderfully different now.


And so it is.


Thank you for reading.


From my Heart <3

Learning About Myself As A Man in Relationship
Saturday, June 19, 2021

This feels Vulnerable to share. But I don't think I'm alone. My life is not a private affair, anymore. My experiences and lessons are only made useful if shared.

Thank you for holding this with your Heart...


Why am I here? To give unconditional Love. To be of Sacred Service. To make Art with my Life. To inspire, enliven, deepen. To help others. To be a walking renaissance. To open others. Open myself. My purpose doesn’t have to be anyone else’s. I’m constructing my life in a way that serves this. And this is alignment/integrity. If I’m here to fully let go, then I work on 10 projects to distract myself- I’m not in alignment with what it is I say, and I’ll feel that. 


How do I express my deepest purpose as a part of my consciousness, in a container like Mens Groups? If I’m here to LET GO, am I letting go? Maybe letting go means stripping away everything that is not the core expression of my consciousness. 


SIT IN THE MUD. The impulse of what I need to do comes from Stillness. It doesn’t come from always moving. Whatever is the most true for me- Own it. The lotus flower blooms from a muddy swamp. 


Connection happens through the body. 


By opening up to each other, I give the other person a chance/invitation to rise. 


We are constantly magnetizing shallowness or depth.


Check in and ask for containers for expression before communicating some things. Don’t just dump out all my raw emotions. It can be hurtful.


Noticing other Men that have a hard time saying “I Love You”, even to other Men. Maybe because of never truly experiencing it? Maybe because of a perception that love is ownership, or something like that? I think if you’ve experienced love, felt love, acted from a place of love… offering it to another is an act of grace and connection. A beautiful gift of empathy, understanding, embrace, integrity, vulnerability, and acceptance.


If people don’t respond the way I want them to respond to my Love, that’s my problem. There’s a shadow here.


We withhold our love out of fear of it not being received how we want it to be. 


Does it serve the World for us to go deeper? For us to be in relationship? We have to own what we want. 


I will not have sex unless there’s a deep profound intimacy. I’m here to magnetize deep love. What form it takes is not up to me. Could be a lifetime or a weekend. I’m asking myself: Will it serve for us to go deeper? I’m here to magnetize deep intimacy. Whatever supports that purpose, I’m existing in, and waiting. I’ll have no trouble finding a partner who wants to connect with a Man who is that connected to his core. I can feel people dying for it. So, FEEL when considering sex: Does it serve the world to deepen with this person? 


I need a very specific kind of energy in a partner; incredibly devotional, energetic, feminine to the point of almost crazy. Like the tropics in monsoon season. Owning, admitting, and stepping into that is important. I have to own what I want. Discover what I want. And if what I want is the deepest connection with someone- that is okay. That’s beautiful. I don’t want to fuck somebody that can’t feel my heart, and I can’t feel hers… and the Gods are not smiling. 


I am young. I have the best love, experiences of my life all waiting for me. Even though there is deep loss, I have an entire life ahead of beauty. 


Speaking my deep truth into the world: I’m going to magnetize the most beautiful love and deepest experiences.

Remember to own my jealousy with structure and a container.


I have a feminine emotional body. A masculine spiritual body. A masculine relationship to my physical body. And two equal parts feminine and masculine sexual body.


I’m creating containers for the feminine emotional body that I have. Breath + Awareness = Structure. The person who has deeper breath and keener awareness holds the masculine pole at any moment. If I want to polarize relationship, I have to have deeper breath than partner.


Humor is important, but don’t reject my own feminine. It’s not wrong to be fiery and emotional, if I have structure. It can be as simple as expressing me emotion in a couple sentences.

I have found lots of different containers and practices for my wild heart. 


Accountability: Am I willing to send $1,000$ per day to a charity for every day I miss a practice? Fuck yes.


There’s a nutrient that comes from a Man’s love that doesn’t want anything from you. Doesn’t need anything from you. Just sees you. I’m remembering that I just want to be with people because they’re good for my soul and I love them. I don’t need anything else.. 


Maybe I haven’t chose women that truly inspire me because I’m afraid of being abandoned. Maybe I’ve chose women that won’t demand my deepest consciousness. I’m identifying what I actually need in a partner. Not settling for the security, cuddling, or sex..  What’s coming through is a deep understanding that I need a feminine partner that does x, y, z.


Nothing can emulate the freedom of my consciousness that I am. Not Aya-journeys, drugs, alcohol. Nothing.

I learn so much when I’m in extreme pain.


I wasn’t raised with a healthy masculine or feminine, so it’s hard to trust people some times. It’s not my fault. 


There’s no shortcuts to this stuff. Even though the Masculine loves short cuts- like, “just get there fast, and end.” I have to just dive deep. 


There is lots of beautiful deep shit men can do together without drugs or drinking. 


I’ve allowed a lot of what has happened in the culture of our relationship. I can see now that this not what I want. I must be in integrity with my terms, who I am, and what I want, or I’ll resent my partner, myself and numb out. It’s never too late to define/re-define terms. Her hurting me is not acceptable. But I take full responsibility for what I‘ve allowed in the relationship. I did not lead us well. I blame me. And I have a plan moving forward. 


I find myself playing more when I cuts/jabs thrown at me, being more artful. It’s like little tests to see if I’ll open or close.


The byproduct of not expressing my truth is numbness. I become numb because I’m choking on truth. 


Sometimes, everything I try doesn’t work. And the Shadow is I’m a failure. So, own it. Choking on my truth as a masculine being is the worst. I’m feeling into the part of me that is an absolute failure. Not repressing this shadow. 


What is life asking me to feel?


I can’t make conscious decisions when I have unprocessed feelings.


I’m surrendering and staying open in the midst of my failures. Keeping my heart open. It’s difficult art. And different from just trying harder, or closing up.


Surrendering into my regret. Letting my heart make the song of regret. 


Underneath my anger is a shadow of a needy little boy who just wants to be loved. 


My psyche can actually spit out images that are my shadow images. 


Maybe the Feminine responsibility in relationship is a responsive heart to the moment. A responsive, expressed heart. Not necessarily integrity. There is a certain masculine capacity that I can demand. It’s just a different then knowing I need a woman who has a wild heart, and learn to be with that, and see if we can do it. Discovering what primary energy I crave from a partner that makes me feel alive- Wild? Nourishing? Expressive? Devotional? Loves, Love?


Get clear about what I crave in a partner: Devotion to Love. And that needs to be a priority over success. One has to have priority. 


My partner should inspire me around my purpose. Be clear on what I want- Does she love, love? Is she devoted? Then I can lead from there. And I won’t know it’s good for me until things around me reflect that ‘success’. itll be obvious it’s the right energy for me because more of me will become available. 


It’s important to not ignore the red flags of narcissism or whatever comes up. Flirty/sexy fun energy is different from devotion, too. So, what if I want it all?


The deeper I go into practice, the harder it’ll be to find someone who really fits me. 


The right energy lightens me up to brighten the world. Things take time.


Don’t treat relationships as a hobby. The energy my relationship wants, is the same that the world wants. 


The sacred masculine softens the feminine. 


Lead women into their feminine hearts.


Deeper breath and stillness has me in my masculine. I can evoke from my partners all the time, and play in the feminine/masculine polarity of the universe. 


I ned to take responsibility for the direction of the relationship. Be the direction of the relationship. This is massive responsibility. It takes tremendous courage and work. Most guys won’t do it. My deep responsibility is the feminine heart. 


I can use shadows as an ally. Owning shadows are sexy as fuck.


Owning my shadow fully and showing a partner that part of me.


I feel Unseen.


Sometimes, I put on some music for 10 mins, lay on a yoga mat, set a timer for 10 mins, cry and wail and grieve… then get up and see what’s next. This is self care. I have awareness around what I need to do to be more available to the world. 


I can move my awareness anywhere. I always have control over my awareness, and the depth of awareness. And then add my hearts awareness. I can then feel the size and density of it (like a mountain). I can feel wind blowing, birds chirping, stream flowing. I can be aware on a superficial, or deep level. If I’m just aware of my self centered fear, I’ll have no power. I can always go deeper into deepening my awareness. My mind will take me into a place where I have no strength and power. It’s important to remember my racing mind, and still it. It’s useless. Focusing on what others are doing is self-centered fear.


Don’t just read and learn about things. I see so much disconnect between thoughts/words and actions. You can’t just learn about practice, yoga, tantra, whatever else. I have to actually practice, to get it into my body. To really get it. To experience it. I see so many people that take 100 courses, read 100 books- but haven’t actually practiced or experienced it.


How quickly and deep I’m able to go, without being lost in it… feeling everything, and being able to come back to stillness and consciousness, is feeling like a superpower. 


I’m realizing how important it is to do this work in community, and not just by myself. How important it is to see and be seen. How important containers are for different forms of expression. How important trusting another is amongst these spaces.

Chasing a woman who has expressed she’s not interested is one of the most soul crushing things I can do. I just have to take my awareness and put it on everything else in life that is actually worth while. Focus on what is enlivening, and take my awareness off of her. I need to protect myself. I can express desire and be truly honest without chasing anything. Energetic chasing is a waste. Making her more important than consciousness and my purpose is a waste. I need depth more than I need her. I become disconnected from the core of my heart when chasing. I deserve a woman who absolutely wants to surrender her heart. Anything else- I’m wasting my time. 


Ask myself: is it making the world a better place by living in this dynamic with a partner? What would need to change, and how, for a relationship to be a gift to the world? I need to feel inspired, sexuality, desire, passion. There is nothing wrong with wanting this in a partner.


She is not more important than my depth. I made my ex partner more important than my purpose, my connection to the infinite, my openness, and my depth. In that way, I lost before we started. 


I have to grieve the loss of my partner. 


Part of good masculine leadership is to create containers/boundaries/agreements for how things are going to move forward. If things are still kind of sticky, then I don’t have to grieve, and it extends. So… I offer: what I think is best, and how does that feel for you? But when I do this, I have to feel and grieve for what I lost, and not getting what I wanted. My lack of clarity evokes the masculine. Being the structure will evoke the feminine. 


What do I want to do before I die?


If I look at an atom, at it’s very core, it’s 90% empty space, and energy. This is quantum physics. So the masculine and feminine exists there. Feeling into my infinite, empty space- is the masculine. And being aware that this is the basis of my being. The more I put my awareness on that which is nothing, the more I’m identified with the masculine energetic of the cosmos. Acting from my mind- my mind is the feminine. 


If I believe my thoughts, I’ll believe what a woman says is true. The feminine will say all kinds of things, but it’s not necessarily her truth. Maybe the only truth in the feminine heart is: IS THERE LOVE? WHERE IS LOVE? Feminine integrity is about the recognition of love moment to moment. Masculine integrity is the recognition of consciousness. If I want to occur masculine in the world, I need to be more on the side of stillness, infinite nothingness. Moving slower. Talking slower. Slowing my breath. Like… Noticing death. Feeling everything that is dying. Feeling all the life = feminine. Just be aware of it and move it through my body- that’s the practice. 


I’ve let so much happen that is far from my purpose. 


Be clear on my purpose, own it fully, and continue to build my life to support it. 


I can deal with disrespect playfully and without collapsing. And it’s ok to be playful with it one day., then express more firmness later.


There’s no winning in all this. It’s all moment to moment:How does love want to express in this moment?


Tussle in love, and celebrate differences. 


When my relationships end, I feel scared that I’ll never find love. Have love. Be alone. End up alone. This feeling does pass. What helps: a 6 month feminine cleanse. No feminine energy at all. This way, I fall in love with myself and find out who I am on a deeper level. I can’t know who I am amongst all the confusion. Taking this cleanse is hard and painful, but I will know who I am. If I’m in relationship, and I don’t know… let her go, and face death. So during the cleanse: Surrender to the hopelessness of no relationship at all. On the other end of it, the life learning, depth of love, and shift/reset is worth it. I can’t attract the kind of partner I want, while choosing another from a place of being terrified of being alone. I am generally good with being alone. Fresh out of a relationship- it’s hard. I’m finding out who I really am, and then I can create a wonderful loving relationship with it all. When I come out of it, I’m a different Man. 




There’s a practice that takes couples through where we identify the 2-3 areas where we’ve hurt each other most. Then we do a deep excavation of the impact of our behavior on each other. It helps create a fresh start and heal past wounds. I don’t want to make each other wrong for how we think and feel. We only cut each other in this space. So as a masculine partner, I could say- this dynamic for being wrong for how we think and feel, and not having some kind of compassionate mutually respectful way to express ourselves, is over. I’m not interested in this anymore. I’m interested in a loving, conscious way to communicate- so here’s what I suggest: We are doing to do imago dialogue for a year instead of calling each other horrible names.


I have to continue to deepen my capacity to be present and feel. Conscious presence. Own the ways I failed. List it. Own it. And fall on my sword. I did this. And it’s a place of absolute integrity. 


Give my partner all of me. 


She was leaking energy, looking out for another potential partner, for almost the entirety of our relationship, instead of fully being with the relationship. 


Don’t just get into relationship to have comfort. The byproduct of that is uninspired love. If I don’t want to give her all of me, don’t be with her. Or give her all of me for a period of time, and see what that does. 


It was cruel to let herself’s attention wander to other men, and for me to know it. It’s one thing to occasionally notice a beautiful person, but if it’s habitual enough that I can feel the pain around it, and she admits that’s part of what she does - always looking for the next thing - that’s cowardly. So then we either have to Show Up, or create a container for this kind of polyamory. 


Read my relationship inventory to her: I did this with m ex-partner. Here’s how I messed up, let you down, lead you into the arms of another man, neglected you, didn’t show up, didn’t love you… and here’s what I found. And did I miss anything? You can do this exercise once or twice a year and bring it to your partner. “I did not cherish you. I did now show up. I was leaking energy.” Imagine the impact unconscious behavior had on her.


“Ouch” without collapse is a wonderful potion for when my feelings are hurt. I can lean into her breaking my heart. I lean into her hurting me. But that doesn’t mean I take it all the time. 


Admit my shadow to my partner and tell her the impact. Seeing the impact of my shadow on her will free something deep.


Example: “I can imagine how that impacted you. I imagine that you would cry alone. How when I would do that, it crushes your dreams. How it breaks your heart thinking that I’m not your King. I imagine that when I do that, I’m dimming your radiance. I imagine you would have wanted to have sex last night, then you feel guilty. I imagine maybe you snap at the children. I imagine you….”. This is owning the ripple effect of my unconsciousness. Owning it fully and owning the impact. I put myself in her heart and go deep into the impact. It’s not enough to just say I was unconscious about it. Seeing the impact of my unconsciousness on her will free something deep. 


So…. I imagine the impact on you must have been…. (The impact of my shadow being unconsciously projected on to her).


Consciousness seems to be the #1 Feminine complaint.


Remember to thank a lover when they’re right.


Obligatory conversations are a polarity killer. Obviously it’s okay to check in some times, but I really want deep, heartfelt conversation. In general, forced/timed check ins super frequently is pretty neutralizing.


Own the pain around not enough freedom.  The Masculine desires freedom. Feminine desires love. Own the freedom I crave. Acknowledge the pain I’m in for not being free. I can make play around masculine burden too. 


The masculine burden / feminine love-longing will never go away.


Fully support a partner, but don’t accept their neurosis. Do I want to work with that? Will that make the world a better place? Will that expand her? Will that expand me? Then guide into what would support their issues- women’s work, shadow work, therapy, etc. I have to take responsibility and take action. Even a Practice for daddy issues could be: She can grab a bat and beat the shit out of something (Dad) while looking at me. Once I decide I want to be with that, I’m taking responsibility for my partners stuff. 


There is power in taking responsibility for the sins of our fathers. I’m here to help heal you, and be healed by you, in relationship. It’s part of mutual healing, and I’ll give you everything I have… but I need your heart. Not neurosis. It takes balls to be like “I love you, but I’m not going to be your whipping boy”… But I will work through it with her. I see most men pretend it’s not bothering them and go numb and self-pleasure.


The answer to all my questions is in my practice! How relaxed am I? How deep am I breathing? How grounded am I? Can I feel the infinite? How relaxed is my heart? Bring this to every moment.


Acklowedge when a partner is right and I’m not present.


Intentional dialogue is a practice. Or, one where each one of says each other is right. Arguments could be a source of deep stress that needs to be remedied. So take responsibility- and clear. 


My capacity to lead is increased when fully owning where I’m unconscious. 


Saying “You Might be Right” when I can’t fully / authentically look at myself to see if I messed it up, is important. It’s important to acknowledge and own when a partner catches me unconscious. 


I have to live in the pain of not knowing purpose for it to forge. 


Trust the impulses that come through when I’m sitting in stillness and consciousness. I can’t feel into what’s next if I’m always acting and looking for it. Just d nothing and be, and see what comes through. Ask myself questions. Then get feedback from the Men I trust. 


The lotus pod is not thrashing around in the mud. It’s rooting. 


I’m literally getting addicted to stillness and doing nothing meticulously.

Our children need us. Show up. Love them. 2 hour dialogues are great for clearing. We do things we didn’t know we do. Unconscious things. It’s important to clear, even though it’s painful. Get to the convo where they let me have it, if needed.


I sacrificed my heart to let her know that I love her.


When they pull away, let them pull away. 


She withheld her heart, and it broke my heart. I felt her withdraw, and it broke my heart.


Practice: Make an inventory in all the ways I abdicated leadership, and go deep into this. And the impact that has had on her and our relationship. Then I can go to her: Whatever happens with us, I need to own this. Here’s what I’ve allowed, and here’s what I want moving forward. Are you with me? If not, I understand. But this is what I want. This is a powerful way to re-align on a meta level the de-polarization. I let her do so many things instead of stepping in and saying ‘this is unacceptable to me’.

Even if all my effort doesn’t work, I at least know in 6 months or whatever, that I stepped up, and did my best. 


I deserve to be with a Woman who trusts me. Who I am has come to the surface during all of this. I’m a good, loving, caring person. I am deep, intimate, embodied and fucking conscious Man. I do not need to be with someone who doesn’t trust me. And that energy will, in turn, attract deep, beautiful, radiant people. 


Sometimes relationships end because we’ve burned the karma. But before bowing and moving on, really honesty looking at everything will serve something sacred going forward. 


Part of a Warriors Path: What does she need from me in order to want to surrender her heart fully, and really give herself to the relationship?


Ask: What would it take to surrender your heart forever?


Warrior energy stars from the naval down. It’s lower body energy.


The victory is Opening, while all the shit continues. Most of the time the feelings we have are around fear. Grasping vs surrendering. Just remember to Surrender. The Victory is not the ending of fear, grief, pain…. The victory is opening, while all that continues. It won’t ever stop. I can be with my fear openly. That is success. I won’t just rid fear. Having no fear in my relationship will just look like me not needing her. I love my partners, but I don’t need them to be happy. And I especially don’t need, to need, to be happy. I can love, worship, give everything I have- but I don’t need her.


It’s a gift to be able to be with my own self hate and open through it. It’s freeing and terrifying when I’m in it. But relaxing into it moves it pretty fast.


The masculine feels the field for what is best. Sometimes I wrestle with the “I should…. Do something.” Instead of just owning what lights me up and bringing that to people.

Masculine leadership: feeling the infinite, feeling consciousness. Sensing what is in my field… then feeling what needs to happen with that. And sitting with it. 


Usually when a partner is controlling, there’s some sort of fear or trauma. 


You can’t sacred dance or meditate your way out of feeling everything. 


I'm aligning myself with the pulse of Love.


How do I love somebody who’s transgressing through my deepest terms?


I will never apologize for desiring, needing, wanting... unconditional Love.


I spent almost 10 years of my life essentially in my Feminine; emotional, dancing, flowing, feeling- during/in active addiction. And thus, in relationship.


My Masculine grows in solitude, and in company of other Men.


Masculine Love is nourishing. Something gets full when I Love You from the place of "I Don’t Want Anything From You."


A strong burning Fire and Fierceness lives within me. I'm learning to create structure around my Fire.


Remember my breath. Notice my body. How it's responding, moving, reacting. Feel into my body. Ask myself; What does this moment NEED? What action NEEDS to happen? What NEEDS to be said?


Re: Masculinity; Presence. Consciousness. Be here Now. Sati (Buddhism)


The "darker" I get with my desires, the more I need to breathe deeper, look deeper; into the eyes, downwards, deeper, to the soul... be fully present. Send the Loving energy of "God" up through our spines. Remember my tantra practices.


I am responsible for my own energy. And I should be full of life force, from my own practices. If she says No, or has a boundary; I don't need to react or shut down. I just go deeper into my own practice. I don’t need anything from her, because of the nourishment I get from myself. If I’m full, deep, working on my stuff, and in purpose; I am nourished.


Lean in when I am poked. 


I don't need permission to do my practices; breathe with her, feel her, connect with her. If she notices me breathing with her, and doesn't like it- don't withdraw. Lean in. I want to feel my partners Heart. I want to Practice with Her.


If a fight with my partner is brewing; Slow down and notice my breath, body, & energy in these moments. I need to maintain consciousness and structure, so that I can lean in. My reactions communicate how much she can trust me to hold her heart.


Defending myself in a fight is useless. Remember my Yoga practices. Face her, feel her heart, align my spine, and be there. Lean in.


Relax into life. Everything has a purpose.


A Peaceful Warrior does not seek pain, but when it comes, he uses it.


Stop letting my heart waver. I have the capacity to love the fuck out of someone, even for a small period of time, even from a distance. While I want my partner to be present in human form, it is possible to do my own thing, and when we come together, Be fully fucking there, and love the fuck out of her. 


Know my needs and desires: For the rest of the year, this is what I have to do. Don’t fold. Stay true. If I don’t follow my purpose, what I need, it actually makes me, and my partner, unhappy. Irony. It's possible that I sold my Truth for her.


When I feel 'burdened', I create a story around exhaustion. And when I would attempt to Rest, that rest was not restful; demands were waiting for me on the other side. I need to create more intentional space to rest with no demands, and express that.


My own shame, miscommunication, use of language, lack of updated agreements, tone, body language, unexpressed desires and needs...  impacted me greatly.  I held back Love in ways, as a result.


I take full responsibility for everything that happens in my life. I haven't found myself blaming her. But rather taking ownership for my actions; growing from the lessons I'm learning as a result of this process, support, and reflections. This is my stuff.


The areas where I feel "poked" or "attacked"; relax. have a sense of humor about it. House Rules: Paradox, Humor & Change.


Remember: The Eye is the Gateway to the Soul. Allow people to see me, any way I am. When I feel extra vulnerable, I look away, turn my body away, close down. Come back to Consciousness in these moments.


I’m headed towards a moment where my intentions in this lifetime will be bound to my multidimensional self, and I will become some form of a multi-dimensional master in this life time. Neptune goes over my point of destiny 3 years from now, but it’s quiet. And before it gets there, it squares off with every Sagittarius planet I have (five planets), and it takes down my ego at each point. I am becoming disillusioned in the most wonderful way.


I learned with my Astrologer & Body Worker that there is a solid line of Mystics woven into my DNA throughout the generations. Feels connected to the Native American part of my heritage. Some connection to the Unseen and Hidden Truths of the World. Go deeper into ancestral work. In this life, I'm meant to be of service, rather than in a position of power, like past lives. I'm discovering how to be of service to the collective, to humanity; not just myself. I'm tuning into a higher dimension and bridging the gap between realms.


I learned to Let Go. How to weild that ability. And it's allowing me to Open up; Expand.


Some of my path is meant to be solitary right now. Sagittarius & Scorpio is solitary energy. This makes me sad, in ways. I need to go through this solitary time, or experience, so that I can come back to others more Whole, Complete, and Full with Love.


Listen to some 432hz music when I start my days. Elevate my morning routine when I can. I need to start my days with some practice and solitude for myself, then spend the rest of the day in Service.


Universe said I can sit this life out; But I said No, Let's Keep Going. My choice. We exist as a tribe. Not billions of different consciousness. One consciousness, billions of bodys. My tribe exists in the 5th dimension. 


I can't just go along with someone else's stuff. Check in with myself. Constantly.


I am willing to trade Fear, for Peace.


I’m in my 9 year, which is the most spiritual number. The year of Sacred Service. Surrendering to the Divine. Trust. Faith. Belief. Knowing. Presence. All is well. Powerful.


Some of the deepest work I’ve ever seen is to love an active addict, while maintaining strong boundaries. I'd experienced this with 100's of people during my time in NA/AA. My entire community, and support system, was addicts. This experience was Powerful, but not the best support system for me.


Have to walk this path before I want to come back to partnership/relationship, and that is what is happening.

I'm honoring WHAT IS. Embracing it. Feeling the moment. My desires. Staying there. The Sacred emerges from being with the other, fully present, and staying there; until I feel into what needs to happen next. 


Remember to DROP DOWN, then Lead with my Heart from there... Instead of knee-jerk reactions resulting from an emotional lack of capacity, to drive my decision making.


ANYTHING can happen from this place of being with what is happening, in myself, and in the moment.


I am deepening my capacity to drop in, and lead through.


Don't take action from a place of NOT wanting to feel something. Or to get something. Or to alleviate something. Relieve feelings. 


Maybe Toxic Leadership, Toxic Masculinity, Toxic Anything… is about "ME". It's 'my way or highway', dictator shit. My Father used to say this to me all the time.


Sacred Leadership is being a Yes to What Is. A deeper and more subtler listening to what’s happening in them, what’s happening in me, being a Yes to it all, and in the moment, until the next right thing emerges.


Every present moment has millions of possibilities.


Just holding space for a Lover's anger, is not Sacred. Be a Yes to her anger and a Yes to what’s in me, then allow something to come through. In this way, I train my nervous system to be there.


Everything comes from just being with, and feeling. What am I feeling? I've been sitting in so much Stillness lately, just FEELING. Feeling the Truth of it. I stop myself from thinking of solutions. I'm just Being with the feelings. If I jump to make a decision; I'm trying to end the feeling. SLOW DOWN AND DROP IN. Remember: Stop trying to strategize how to end the feeling.


Bioenergetics, Earth Breath Meditation, Ego Eradicator, Heart Horse Grounding Practices made me cry tears of Release; not sadness, or pain.


I need to get full of the Feminine from everything else; the Earth, the Cosmos, my Environment…. Then come into relationship from there... instead of stepping into relationship from a place of exhaustion or being malnourished. Practice: Sit in a park. Practice going into my stillness/core, then feeling outwards. 


Rooting is a skill set. Presence is a skillset. Depth is a skillset. We normally just think. Not feel. Rest in the infinite stillness, and feel the Chaos, without getting pulled into it. The Feminine in relationship can be Chaotic; and so deeply beautiful. And Life can be chaotic. So one of my essential masculine practices is to really root into my core heart. Then be with. 


Feeling with and being with everything gives birth to action.


Stop living in impulse; from the mind. BE Present. Pretty much everything Peaceful Warrior, hah!


For me to be nourished, I have to enter a space of no demand, regularly. One of the ways I do this, is I run up a mountain, then sit on a rock for an hour. I watch Mother Nature, with no phone... Feel the sky, earth, all around me. And when I come off the rock, I feel alive.


How can I be rooted, grounded, open… and still be with feeling? That’s nervous system training. My nervous system needs to rest so that I can be nourished. Re-training my nervous system to be strong.


Fall into more play and “tantrums” to express myself, instead of using words. More humor. It's a different flavor of energy. I like it.


Remember to ground. Breathe. Remember my Hands on Thighs Practice. Push my thoughts outside of myself, and into the world. Presence. Presence is the answer.


I AM RESONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF BEING I BRING TO ANY MOMENT. It’s on me to create life force if I’m afraid; afraid of not getting what I want, feeling something, etc. To work with this, I can just go into the fear, fully. Feel it all. Open up. Embrace that I’m afraid. Let it own me. 


Often times when I’m anxious, it’s because I’m out of integrity with some part of my heart, soul, or who I am. Is there something I’m not doing in order to be in integrity with myself? There is shit that I know I need to be doing, to feel aligned... and if I haven’t been doing it, I’ve been feeling anxious. This is different than Fear.


Part of my Mens Work is to get really honest and clear about where I’m out of integrity with my own truth.


There's a Masculine tendency to end a feeling or experience that we don’t like.


In every trigger; there is a gift. The result of my parents failing to Show Up or do the Work; is that I’m fiercely committed to that myself. So I hold other Men to that standard in my sphere. I think that’s a gift. 


Lack of awareness shows up as: judgement, defensiveness, withholding, people pleasing…. That’s the unconscious relating with the masculine.


Grieve for the Love I didn’t get from my parents. Maybe I have already. What didn’t I get from my Father that I needed?


All of my practices are not just about me. Not about me getting something. Winning. Not feeling. Getting a partner to do something. Making more money- Nope. None of this. There’s something greater; the collective tribe. I feel that what I’m doing and what I’m trying to cultivate will serve, help, inspire others. When I plug into humanity, I find I have a deeper gear. 


The body is the subconscious mind. So if I want to change the way of my habits, karma, destiny- I have to change my body. Have to elevate my body- breath, movement, meditation, food, bodywork, etc.


On Changing Myself: As I go deeper into changing the state of my body-mind… I'm noticing that my entire body chemistry is changing. Hormones. Heart. Mind. Personality. I'm starting to have a different experience. I’m physically different. My awareness is growing. So, I’m cultivating better thoughts, different feelings, different perspectives, different experiences. Joe Dispenza does work around this; measuring heartwaves after deep practice. And this isn't just happening randomly. I’m showing up every day, with all my heart, to practice. More than ever before. With intention. This is different. I’m feeling everything. And everything is changing.


Occuring World idea: "The world appears as a place that is not safe for me to express my deepest desire." So my Occuring Worlds can take the shape of my relationship to people, the world, abundance, money…. Basically Occurring World = It’s not safe for me to shine. Shift: I have all the time I need to do everything I want. LIFE IS NOT A BURDEN. This becomes part of my transmission. 


Almost every complaint I have stems from my occurring world story. So then... manifestation is the result of my occurring world. How am I viewing the world, really? And is it true? Or did I make this up?




I need clear intent.


Hold other Men accountable.


If I want to offer my FULL firey, blunt thoughts and feelings to someone: Ask them first, if I can be High Flame for a moment.


My judgement is almost always projection. Both positive and negative projections happen. Same with resentment. Practice: I’m judging you to be a man that __________ . Then feel into my heart, where I do the same thing. And then say, “Just like me”. If I do that enough, I bring awareness. There is a tendency to get what I focus on.




I have to honor my heart, by creating structure around the impulse of my heart. If my strongest impulse is to hike in the mountains; schedule it. If I just flow with my feminine, it might be months before I get out there.


Meditation: Sit for 30 mins with “Whats the deepest impulse of my heart that I need to honor and create structure for?”


Any thoughts I have around “I have to do more, do better, it's never enough, etc.” = Residue of the toxic masculine in my psyche. My Sacred Masculine creates space and structure for the impulse of my heart. What is wanting to come through me now and how do I create space for that?


On Holding Space, Emotions, Sex: Half of my awareness on consciousness itself, wrapped around them... and half on the heart and love that I am. I can be aware and in both of these. This is fluid, though. Holding Space should be moving. With structure and awareness. 


I can have it all. Family. Friends. Love. Sex. Cats. Nature. Everything.  This is a deep practice. Having it ALL, really means having what I want and need. I can create what I want to create. 


Impulse Discovery: If I wake up tomorrow and didn’t have to worry about Money, what would I do? Follow this. In many ways, the next right thing to do, is what feels good.


What do I have to do today to die complete?


Be with the beauty of my life and let it unfold, instead of pushing to get somewhere because of old programming.


When I imagine the outcome of something, VISUALIZE THE OUTCOME THAT I WANT.


My heart is the answer through which my truth comes. 


If I have a sense of burden in my life, I’m probably not doing enough that feels good.


SITTING! <3 Practice: Sit and do nothing for an hour, meticulously. No phone. Notepad is ok. No meditation, breathing exercises, etc. I just let my body be in the moment and let everything come through. I exist with NOW in the most relaxed, energetic way I can. I just do nothing and let it be. And I see what comes up. I have been doing this daily. 


The capacity to do nothing is a skill. This is a place of regeneration. Write what I get inspired to do. Attend to the things that come up while I’m doing nothing, AFTER I’m done doing nothing. Trust what comes through in this space. I let life fill me with what she wants to. I can do nothing, anywhere. 


Tibetan Buddhism claims that enlightenment comes through that part of my heart that aches/feels pain/throbs for Love, or Her. So be with that part. And feel the other Men who have experienced what I have. Enlightenment comes through the feeling of ache.


Sometimes I can’t get through a resentment by feeling it deeper. So then, I need to elevate my state of being beyond what I habitually do. That elevation is to do contrary action. 


Freedom comes from letting go, instead of the battle. The battle is the broken heart. 


Create containers to honor my own feminine. Give myself 10 mins to scream, or move, or have a tantrum. Permission to dance all night at a show. Anything that allows me to express or move emotion. Even call up a brother, and say 'Hey, I need help in creating a container for my feminine.' I have to lead my own feminine. So it doesn’t leak out or explode. 


Dark Love is a chord in the art of sexual polarity and intimacy. Just like sharpening consciousness is a chord. So, of course, I have to practice these chords. My capacity to use the chord is a function of my practice, and adapting my body speaks to the movements within that chord. 


There will be some resistance when I learn a new chord, because I haven’t practiced that chord. Playful out through that limitation and see what comes out on the other side.


More play. My Feminine responds beautifully to play. This is a chord as well. 


Joy comes out of the top of my heart and throat. Open it up. 


Learning to live in the space of feeling everything all the time. Like a meditative Theta State. 


The more I practice, the more sensitized I get to the world. 


There is an entire way of living that nobody ever told me actually existed. A way of an Embodied Experience... a way of S*xuality... a way of looking at Women, and the World, that no-one ever taught me. So, I’m immersing myself as much as I can, for as long as I can. I made a decision that this way of living is a priority, as much as my business, my artwork, my cats, my family, friends, food, etc… And I need to schedule my life to make it a priority. Anything I want to do or be, I have to make it a priority. If I don’t make it a priority, and in a year or two, I’m feeling the same- it’s because I didn’t make it a f*cking priority. Deepening, and being in my body- is my priority right now.


What do I need vs. what do I think I need? Question how I need it. Do I really need it that way? Is that too much to ask? Am I asking someone to do something that they can’t?


Great Masculine Practice: Be with Chaos, without collapse. The more feminine my being is, the less structured I am; mentally, physically, emotionally. Less "rational". So the deeper I go into my feminine, the more flow and chaos I’m in. If I decide as a Masculine partner/friend to really love a feminine being... and I want the feminine, I want the wild heart, I want devotion… I’m stepping in to take on everything that they’re bringing. Am I down for Loving EVERYTHING? (Ex. daddy issues, traumas, etc.). Yes.


I can be IN chaos, energetically IN IT. Or feeling it with my awareness wrapped around it.

How committed to love am I beyond my own comfort, and what I want to do? Most of the time what I want to do, tends to be less memorable than loving somebody that deeply.


How do I end a relationship with integrity and dignity? Structure. If I own my purpose and truth, it connects deeply with the feminine. What can I do to alleviate any pain a partner is still carrying about our relationship? What do I regret most? What am I most grateful for in her? What does she need to say to me, for us to be clear? Offer process, structure, timing. Need to give some space for the process.


Own the parts of me that could be rageful, sadistic, and vengeful. It’s freeing. And it’s in ALL of us. It's primal energy stuck in the limbic system. Somewhere along the line, our human lineage was laregly abusers and destructors. 


Face my karmic demon. What is the thing that I’ve really avoided? Generally there is an event, or moment from childhood, where I was terrified- like when my parents fought. "I must be bad. I'm confused. I can't do anything right.", etc. Be with my inner child in that moment, feeling that his parents are going to leave, and I don’t understand why they’re screaming and being violet, blaming each other. So, these feelings can come up whenever there’s a fight, or someone is leaving/abdanoment. 

My heritage lives in my limbic system. 


If I want a heart to bloom open for me: I have to be deeply tethered to consciousness, fully in my body, owning desire in a s*xual moment, and directional.


Do I have a rejection wound that I haven’t fully dealt with? 

Nobody is attractice, when they're thinking about themselves. Remember: Breathe deeper. Get in my legs more. The bottoms of my feet. Root. Feel outwards.


What if I trusted in the wisdom of my body? What was my body feeling that disappeared? Losing desire can be a result of self referencing, or she’s not giving me energy. I need to stay in the experience. And guide. 


I underestimate how much solitude I need, and how much time I need with Men.


My purpose doesn’t have to be HUGE. And it’s highly personal. It’s what life is wanting me to do. With full commitment. My first few purposes in life were a result of old programming and childhood influences. I’m stripping away the bullshit and getting to: WHAT IS MY HEARTS TRUTH?


Pushing past where I want to give up, or where I want to close, is where there is the greatest gain (ex. last few reps working out. Last few seconds during a yoga practice). Hold it, and continue to open past where I want to give up. This is the same with my nervous system. My capacity to hold my own emotional chaos; grief, anger, etc. is nervous system training.


If I’m feeling malnourished, it’s because I’m not letting myself be loved deeply by one person at a time. I’m not really allowing my body, heart.. to take in a person’s positive regard. And my masculine malnourishment is a byproduct of that. 


My practices aren’t about clearing every feeling I have. It’s about facing it. Feeling it. With a container of Love. I always tried to face my feelings by myself. Another Man witnessing me, and Loving me, while I’m in my grief, pain, sadness... has helped re-wire my nervous system. 


Part of the masculine issue in relationship is wanting absolutes. I can love the f*ck out of everyone who is in my life, who isn’t, and even those who’ve transgressed across my deepest terms. 


How is life asking me to Show Up?


Don't underestimate the tender fragility of letting myself be loved.


Sometimes my feminine hijacks my best masculine plans. Addiction in general is exactly this. Internet, food, drugs, etc. Addiction is my feminine. My masculine can recognize the feminine in my emotional body. 


Most masculine beings will plow right through feeling, with no awareness. The feminine, if ignored, will get violent and destructive. My masculine gift to my feminine is the freedom of my heart. So if I’m aware enough to notice what’s happening, before I get derailed by my own feminine, then I can do something else. 


If I’m collapsing; Who can I love? Who needs my love? 


Exhaustion is an excuse for closure. 


'God' could be: feeling everything, moving, always changing. AND feeling the infinite, unchanging oneness. Practice is the capacity to feel one, or the other of these things. A moment has consciousness, and energy. The deepest practice is feeling one, or the other, or both, fully. Most bodies are not open enough to feel past a surface level. Can I feel the life and energy around me more? I’ve deepened. Can I feel the part of me that never changes. I’ve depended. And from this place, action is born. 


I want to feel every moment. For as long as it lasts.


I love my s*xuality.


Of course, people can deepen while drinking - or in any addiction. But if I’m in ANY addictive cycle; whether it's food or hard drugs- I’m closing. The nature of an addictive cycle is closure. If my truth is: I’m not OK with this, and I’m doing it anyways- I’m going to close. 


Who really, isn’t addicted to something? Be aware of my addictions and open through them. It is possible to be fully in an addictive cycle and be fully open. But most people aren’t deep enough in practice to do that. Some people can do it: be wasted, and fully open. But the level of practice needed to do that is absolutely ridiculous. 


For me, it doesn’t get any better than naturally feeling and doing everything. Sometimes, I add some mushrooms to my practice, to intensify feeling. But I can create the most beautiful, sublime states through my practice, naturally. In all my years in active addiction, I’ve never felt as high as when I’m deep in practice. It really doesn’t get any better. 


The moment something becomes a problem, and I’m ignoring it, it’s very hard to not close. Any time I feel like the moment is intolerable, and I want to go to something, instead of working through it, then I'm closing. 


The masculine desire to numb, comes from my belief that something is missing from this moment; a level of freedom, release, etc. So in that space, I need something to numb that pain. The masculine desire for freedom is so pervasive. If I reach for the phone, I’m not looking for freedom. I’m looking to be filled with something. I think it really comes down to personal integrity. 


Boredom is selfishness. It’s a way of saying I’m Not Satisfied with this present moment. 


Fantasy is an escape. That can be an addiction too. 


Feel in with my mind, out with my body. Be present. Be present. Fantasy is a way to not be present. 


Contrary Action: Some of the deepest spiritual practice is Men or Eomen who are dissatisfied with the present moment, and have trained themselves to Love in these moments. Saw this all the time in AA/NA.


Fidgeting is my nervous system’s lack of capacity to be with the present moment. Non-linear movement practices allow me to find places where I store stuff. 


The nature of fidgeting is self reference. I’ve had this constant shaking leg issue since I was a very very young child. In middle school I unconsciously ripped off all of my eyebrows because of what was going on at home. My nervous system being disregulated is largely a result of my childhood experiences. Self referencing is like a weird tick of checking that I’m okay and still here. 


Notice the impact that my self referencing has on other people. Self referencing is unconscious. Self referencing is a ripple that closes the space, if its done unconsciously. If done consciously, it has little effect. Notice my fidgeting and it’s impact. Self referencing is around what I want. What I need. It’s not necessarily what the moment is calling for. 


Deepen and slow my breath!


Move gently. Softly. With intention. With awareness.


Stage 1: Doing it for me.

Stage 2: Doing it for others.

Stage 3: Doing it for Love. 


Boundaries are overrated in service of Love.


Don’t just do the same thing over and over. My brain gets trained into lack of creativity this way. I need this creativity in every moment. Makes me think of Sacred Goofiness. Sacred Humor: I am so committed to love, that I use all of my skills to make others smile and open their hearts. 


Self awareness is so important. Be so very aware of why I am doing something. 


I'm creating a set of skills to bring to certain moments. What skill does the moment need?


Masculine practice is usually meant for other men, solo practice, and s*xual moments. Or moments where I literally have to hold someone’s feminine.


Own my feelings. Don’t always be in my masculine. Come out of the cave and tussle with the feminine. Don't be afraid. Remember to split my awareness.


If a partner is in their masculine, I can go into my feminine and be devotional to her. If my masculine is awareness, then how do I use my feminine (body, breath, action) to open her? Some level of play. Or stillness/meditation/consciousness can drop someone into their feminine.


Go forward. The only way out, is through.


Almost every feminine bad mood is a feeling of not being loved enough. How do I blast a partner with love in a way that can make her feel better? 


Most every masculine bad mood is around not being free. 


Practices to Remember: QiGong Practice for Grounding and Circulating Energy. Organ Grounding Meditation. Macrocosmic Orbit Practice. I Cannot Lose Love Practice. 3 Part Breath Chi Generator Practice. Manifestation Mantra Practice.


We have a LOT of f*cking work to do collectively.




Stretch: The rest of 2021, I will do this Work. With all my Heart. The level of production of my artwork and tech business will suffer; but not to the destruction of my balance, health, or lifestyle. I will still do those things. But I am creating intentional space for this work, for the rest of 2021, 8-10 hours per day. I don't want to do one 45 min practice per day right now. I want to go deep, focused, and intentional. I will re-balance, re-evaluate, on January 2022. I need to do this, for me, my family, ancestors, lovers, friends.... and all humans I connect with. All relationships.


My focus for the rest of the year:


> Mens Group Work

> Mens 1 on 1 Work

> Masculine/Feminine Embodiment & Leadership

> Virtual Workshops / In-person Trainings

> Kundalini

> Breathwork

> Tantra

> Spiritual Intimacy

> Sexuality / Sexual Polarity

> Body Work

> Ancestral Work

> Somatic Experiencing


At the end of the year, I probably won't recognize the current iteration of my Self.


I have intention. I have a plan. I feel clear in my purpose. I have support. I'm taking action. 


Deeper I go.


If you got this deep, thank you for reading...

To be continued.... To be discovered... With Love.


Want to hear/learn more? Listen to Men's Group Reflections from 2020, and Reflections from Spring 2021.

Drop: 100 Titan NFTs
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I've started my first NFT ("Non-Nungible Token") drop, which will consist of a series of 100 Titans.

Titans are uniquely created characters that I made. You may have noticed them floating around. They exist on Planet Cur1yJ, deep in an ancient underwater mountainous jungle. They are the guardians and mascots of this realm.

They are a constant cycle inspiration for my own creativity and artwork. And they're a lot of fun.

No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain, and subject to the ERC-721 standard that powers most digital art and collectibles.

You can buy, sell, and trade them right now on my Cur1yJ Digital CryptoArt Shop.

Enjoy :)

Cur1yJ Digital NFT CryptoArt Collection
Saturday, February 6, 2021

Here it is, the Cur1yJ Digital CryptoArt Shop!!

I'm excited to announce that all my digital artwork is now crypto artwork, and it exists on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs.

My background is in finance and computer science. I started hacking when I was 10, and some of my best tech nerd homies in college introduced me to mining and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin back in 2011. I've been active in the crypto markets ever since, and I think I have a unique perspective on it, in a way that could be helpful to some people who aren't really sure what it's like to invest in a bubble, new to investing, or don't really understand what's going on with cryptocurrency and blockchain tech in general. How it's both helpful, and hurtful.

Allow me to break down some points that I think are easier to understand and keep in mind when navigating these open seas (oooh pun!).

  • Cryptocurrency, like the stock market, at the moment, is purely speculative. It doesn't have much practical use for the every day life of a human. Especially when you remove 1st or 2nd world countries from this equation.
  • Cryptocurrency is still pegged to the US dollar. Most people, when they want to "cash out" of a coin, they do it for their native currency.
  • If the US dollar ever becomes obsolete, the entire financial world would essentially flip on its head. Literally every currency on the planet is based on the US dollar in one way or another.
  • Bitcoin's technology, imho, was DOA (Dead On Arrival). From what I know about software and finance, and currency... This coin specifically, is the right idea, but the wrong answer.
  • Cryptocurrency markets are so volatile, that 1 Ethereum, for example, could be worth $1,700 USD today (~ current price), and crash could happen that's so sharp, in one week it'll be worth $500 USD.
  • So say I buy a house for $500k USD worth of Ethereum. You sell me that house. 1 week later, the market crashes, and now that ETH is only worth $200k. Both parties lose. My house is now worth $200k, and you only have $200k worth of ETH because you didn't convert it to USD quick enough.
  • I had all of my bitcoin on Mt Gox circa 2013 after years of hoarding them at like $5/each. One day, MtGox disappeared. And so did all my crypto. I wasn't alone. Before that happened, multiple hacks occurred that were so bad they rolled back the market data by DAYS, simultaneously erasing the equivalent in trades.
  • Massive risk for both parties at either end of the purchase using a coin. And the value of coins are currently is  just based on bearish or bullish markets. There's no real world factors really driving it's price up or down besides traders and hype.
  • Equity in markets do not increase in value forever.
  • Bitcoin is different than Ethereum. Ethereum is way more practical than Bitcoin. Bitcoin is solely a cryptocurrency, whereas the tech behind Ethereum has WAY more use when it comes to artificial intelligence, dAPPs, etc... I could hypothetically build a new decentralized internet on the Ethereum blockhain. The imporant point here is that you can build things totally outside the scope of just a digital currency.
  • Thus, Ethereum > Bitcoin. Down the road, you will see the value of Ethereum become more aligned with it's actual value, as people become more educated and aware, and Bitcoin will die, get hacked, go underground, whatever. Even the fact that it's already being used by the like of PayPal (essentially the reason Bitcoin was even created was because of modern finance) is a big L. RIP.
  • We are in a bubble. Right now. 2021. Over half the country unemployed, pandemic lockdown, social reckoning, etc. The government is dumping trillions into the economy. Markets going up no matter what happens. People are giving it right back to them, or corporations, in the form of actions like Amazon purchases, GameStop hedge fund hype, crypto hype, YouTube consumption...
  • Tread thoughtfully. The hard part comes when the bubble pops.

    So now, here I am with cryptoart and Rarible, for now. I've imagined for years a way to actually create value out of my digital artwork and creations. I do so much shit on the internet. Everything can be copied, hacked, nothign is safe, and most people forget about what they have on the HD when they get a new computer or their GFX card gets fried. I've been waiting for some things in augmented reality to get further along, and I'm super excited about that down the road. But it's not quite where I want it to be yet. 

    You can go to my Cur1yJ Digital Shop on Rarible, and buy/sell/trade/own/love/share/enjoy my digital artwork, animations, paintings, experiences, etc. in a journaled and verified way. Only one of each exists, and only one owner. All tracked and valued @ the price of Ethereum. All public. Any time I finish something in the digital realms, it will live there, for now. Ways you can enjoy the artwork once you have it will continually evolve and be unique to each digital piece.

    Read more about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) here.

    Thanks for reading.

Limited Edition Prints of Millenial Bitcoin Investor
Monday, October 12, 2020

It's that time! 10 limited edition prints for the second original oil painting in the Titan Series are now available!

You can view the original piece here.

Each "Millenial Bitcoin Investor" print is 9”x9” Giclee on watercolor paper, acid free, signed and numbered edition of 10.

Price is $35.00 USD each, with free shipping.

These are now availabile in my shop! Order there, send me a message directly, or DM me on any major social media platform.

Thank you for supporting my creations <3

Programming + SEO Knowledge Breakdown
Sunday, August 23, 2020

I had a thought! I could break down in more detail a list of core topics that I make sure to stay studied up on, for some of the programming languages (+ an SEO-relevant bonus) that I'm more fluent with. I think it's a great reference point from which to dive deeper into specifics. You'll notice some recurring themes across languages too, which I think speaks to how important certain aspects are. Check it out:


  • SQL and MySQL-specific Syntax
  • Security and User Management
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Installation and Upgrades
  • Scaling, Monitoring and HA
  • Data and Index Types
  • Stored Routines, Triggers, and Events
  • Views
  • Transactions
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Performance Tuning
  • Partitioning


  • Fundamentals
  • Images and Links
  • Tables and Forms
  • Tags


  • Network & Web Programming
  • System Administration
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Files and I/O
  • Data Structures And Algorithms
  • Data Types
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Data Encoding and Processing
  • Concurrency
  • Security

Ruby on Rails

  • Environment and Configuration
  • Routing and REST
  • Controllers
  • Active Record and Models
  • Helpers
  • Ajax
  • Session Management
  • Caching and Performance
  • Database Migrations
  • Security


  • General Patches
  • Memory Management
  • Exceptions
  • Protocols
  • Internals
  • C
  • Messaging
  • Categories
  • Best Practices


  • Installation and Configuration
  • Basics & REPL Commands
  • The Node Core
  • The Node Module System
  • Control Flow and Asynchronous Patterns
  • Routing
  • Node Frameworks
  • Template Systems and CSS
  • Relational Database Bindings
  • Graphics and HTML5 Video
  • WebSockets
  • Testing and Debugging

Android Programming

  • SDK & Prerequisites
  • Java for Android
  • App Packaging & Deployment
  • View & UI Programming
  • UI Design
  • Data Handling and Persistence
  • Content Providers
  • Identity, Sync & Communication
  • Search & Location Services
  • Multimedia & Sensors
  • Components & App Lifecycle
  • NDK


  • Element Selection
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Event Handling
  • Ajax
  • Styling and Animation
  • Plugin Usage
  • Plugin Development
  • Advanced Selectors and Traversing
  • Advanced Events
  • Advanced Effects
  • Advanced DOM Manipulation
  • Advanced Ajax


  • Media Queries
  • Selectors
  • Pseudo-classes
  • Web Fonts
  • Text Effects
  • Layout
  • Backgrounds
  • Colors
  • Gradients
  • Transition and Animations
  • 2D/3D Transformations


  • Scaffolding
  • CSS
  • Layout Components
  • JavaScript Plugins
  • LESS Stylesheets
  • Mobile First Design
  • Tests for Bootstrap 4 and older versions


  • Elements
  • Canvas
  • SVG
  • Input types
  • Forms
  • Web Storage
  • Workers


  • Installation
  • Basics & Dashboard Navigation
  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • WP Core & The Loop
  • Data Management
  • Content Management & Aggregation
  • UX + UI
  • Performance & Scalability
  • User Access & Security
  • Multisite (MU)
  • Taxonomies & Metadata


  • Language Basics
  • Arrays, Strings and Regex
  • Design Patterns
  • Application Security
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Database Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • Debugging
  • File Handling
  • Mail Handling
  • Advanced Topics


  • Language Basics
  • Objects and Arrays
  • Window, Browser & DOM Scripting
  • Expressions, Operators and Statements
  • Functions, Classes and Modules
  • Regular Expressions
  • CSS & HTTP Scripting
  • Event Handling
  • Client Side Storage
  • Scripted Media & Graphics


  • Search Technology
  • SEO Techniques
  • Search Engines and Directories
  • Linking Strategies
  • Keyword Selection and Optimization Strategies
  • Working with Meta Tags

Limited Edition Prints for "Deranged Fuzzy Tubbers"
Monday, August 10, 2020

I've created 10 limited edition prints for the very first original oil painting in my Titan series of 100!

You can view the original piece here.

Each print is 9”x9” Giclee on watercolor paper, acid free, sign and numbered edition of 10.

Price is $35.00 USD each, with free shipping.

These are now availabile! If you'd like to order one, please send me a message directly. There's still a couple left!


Live Broadcasts
Friday, January 10, 2020

Ok so, some background. I spent the past 4 years building this platform that you're using right now ( It's focused on creating traditional and digital art, exploring technology, learning, & growing TOGETHER.. I run a software business full time, and I'm a "master" oil painter studying techniques of golden age renaissance creators. My partner and I live in the mountains so you'll catch some deer and fox and definitely our 2 cats live on stream some times.

I just started live streaming part time @ 8am MST on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You can watch live right here, or on Archives, past broadcasts, highlights, and other content around our broadcasts will live in the Streams section. 

We talk a lot about digital art, painting techniques, technology, software development, design, business, community, current events, emotions, and whatever the vibrations call for. We do group studies/explorations live on stream A LOT, so you can join in and discover processes with us in real time!

We are really trying to explore and discover.. create with and support each other… and cultivate an awesome, caring community. I hope we can carve out a positive, caring corner of the interwebs.

Our arms and spirits open if you want to connect and chat or collaborate!

Welcome to the community! <3 thanks for listening..

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