Charities We Work With

Cur1yJ is deeply involved with many charities.

Support Arts, Tech, Nature & Humanity!

Cur1yJ has been supporting creative growth & exploration, technological advancement, nature preservation, and community for over two decades. I've donated to various humanitarian causes and philanthropic fields, including battling human trafficking, renovating/building artist studios, local NPO's, free college education, military veterans, preventing abuse in 3rd world countries, and nature conservation. All of the original artwork I create is given away. I am not funded by any person or corporation, and all my time/money spent on passions, tools, people, channeling, learning, connecting, helping, etc. comes from my own source energy. I don't do what I do just for money. It's not really the point. The rest of my life is dedicated to embodying what it means to be an Artist.

Tax-deductible contributions aren't that vital to Cur1yJ. I'm going to do all of this anyways. But your donation makes you a member of the Cur1yJ Collective. And a monthly gift of $100+ makes you a Titan. With your support, we can continue making a difference in people's lives on a bigger scale, nurture new creative manifestations, and connect/collaborate with each other while we walk along our own soul-filled paths. I couldn't do any of this without support from people like you!

Ways To Contribute

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