Support Arts, Tech, Nature & Humanity!

Cur1yJ has been supporting creative growth & exploration, technological advancement, nature preservation, and community for over two decades. I've donated to various humanitarian causes and philanthropic fields, including battling human trafficking, renovating/building artist studios, local NPO's, free college education, military veterans, preventing abuse in 3rd world countries, and nature conservation. All of the original artwork I create is given away. I am not funded by any person or corporation, and all my time/money spent on passions, tools, people, channeling, learning, connecting, helping, etc. comes from my own source energy. I don't do what I do just for money. It's not really the point. The rest of my life is dedicated to embodying what it means to be an Artist.

Tax-deductible contributions aren't that vital to Cur1yJ. I'm going to do all of this anyways. But your donation makes you a member of the Cur1yJ Collective. And a monthly gift of $100+ or annual gifts of $1000+ makes you a Titan. With your support, we can continue making a difference in people's lives on a bigger scale, nurture new creative manifestations, and connect/collaborate with each other while we walk along our own soul-filled paths. I couldn't do any of this without support from people like you!

Ways To Contribute

Donate with PayPal

Donate Live on Stream


Cur1yJ Collective Benefits

Membership (Yearly Gifts $100+)

Urgent alerts about Cur1yJ projects and ways you can help.

Sepcial donor udpates to show how you're making a difference.

Exclusive access to our Discord Server.

Inside access to original visual artwork.

Monthly e-newsletter, with updates on art, tech, nature, events, and ways you can get involved.

The knowledge that you're helping protect and support the future of art, tech, community, and mother nature.


Titan Partner (Yearly Gifts $1,000+)

You are a supporter of people, creation, and collaboration.

Special privileges including direct access to Cur1yJ.

Updates on the impacts your gifts have on artistic goals.

Opportunities to network and connect with other Titan Partners in the Collective.

Access to resources that help you advance the work of Art, Tech, & Humanity.

A recep of the year's most interesting stories.

Invitations to exclusive events.

An original painting by Cur1yJ.

Learn about the latest happenings behind the scenes.

Be recognized for your generous support as a Partner on our platform.

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