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Cur1yJ is a full stack software architect, developer and designer working with start-up, small, enterprise, and government-level businesses all over the world.

Cur1y is one of the most passionate developers alive today. Cur1y was a part of a team in the 90’s building the next AIM, has developed & designed a massive $500+ million fintech live trading web application, was CTO of a successful real estate CRM startup that sold for $100+ million, and has collaborated with some of the best minds in tech over the past decade.

Cur1y is a polyglot programmer, fluent in almost every programming language. He's seen & worked with almost every environment you can think of, and written in pretty much everything except C/C#/C++. He began programming & selling websites as a teenager before a lot of modern day programming languages even existed. The core of his success revolves around communication, accountability, and adaptability. He loves a challenge.


For Cur1y, his Artwork is Sacred Service. When he's not spending time with software, you can find him oil painting in techniques developed by Italian Renaissance Masters, making digital / crypto-artwork, or working on his modern-day online community platform.

Cur1y is currently sharing some of his life and work through weekly newsletters and articles: An online series highlighting what it's like to be a business owner, artist, developer, and wellness activist in today's digital world. Cur1y shares his journey, lessons, and dives deep exploring far-ranging topics including art, technology, business, spirituality, and our always-evolving culture; all with a mix of curiosity, empathy, and good juice.

If you miss his stories, you can always catch up with Cur1y on his Audio Waves Podcast and YouTube channel. Or join the Facebook Group if you're looking to get a little more personal.


Cur1yJ is a wellness activist in the community. He has led support groups on addiction, recovery, and spiritual health; was co-chair of NHSCYPAA; and currently records weekly wellness-focused videos. Cur1y previously co-founded a non-profit for the arts "Vibe City"; funding, renovating, building, and managing multiple artist/musician studios & online presence, while producing local art + music showcase events all across New England.

Cur1y is an advocate for community where people have a place to learn, support each other, integrate, and grow collectively along our individual journeys of life. Cur1y's goal is to facilitate a space to create and transform the way we collaborate with our passions, ourselves, and each other... blossoming into things that we Love.

Cur1y is very active locally in the wellness community, working with Men and Women in the realms of spiritual intimacy, relational communication, sexual polarity, embodiment, and purpose.

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