Friday, August 15, 2014
Ruby on Rails + EmberJS Development & Design

Massey Knakal Real Estate CRM Platform

I joined Unreal Group to lead a team of developers, marketers, managers, and founders hired by Massey Knakal, (at the time) Manhattan's leading commercial real estate firm, to design and develop MKSS2™, a proprietary CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and TPS (Transaction Processing System). I was essentially the CTO for the entirety of this platform's manifestation. Responsibilities included project & developer management, daily meetings, estimating, wireframing, sitemapping, modeling, UX design, programming, and architecture.

I configured our continuous deployment stream with Amazon EC2 using NginxUnicorn, and Codeship. We ued Github for distrubuted development. I wrote all seed and spec data, implementing a test suite for testing front-end EmberJS code and back-end systems using teaspoon, guard, qunit, rspec, & phantomJS (now defunct). Ember was our frontend javascript framework, with an ember client side authentication, auth requests done via jQuery.ajax, responses to JSON, token authentication, cookies, and ember-data integrations. We implemented various monitoring and development debugging tools as well.

Some big components I built full-stack included the Administrative & Territory Systems. This contained an admin for creating territories and assigning agents to those territories. I built the system to provide pre-established territory types. The admin could re-assign properties to different territories. They could create and update agents and associates. There were advanced filter options, including ordering territory lists. Users could check property uniqueness in a CSV upload. Admins could also re-assign agents to a new territory. I built in permissions for a retail agent, who could create, update, and delete retail spaces in their territory. Agents could also update property records in their territory. Some additional administrative features built: Creating, updating, & deleting offices under a firm. Creating, updating, and deleting firms. Assigning associates to multiple agent teams. Creating agent teams. Uploading properties to territory's via a CSV file.

Upon successful completion of this robust CRM system, Massey Knakal announced their acquisition by global real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield for about $100 millon.

Tech StackRuby 2.1.2, Rails 4.1.1, Ember.js, jQuery, JSON, PostgreSQL, Teaspoon, Guard, QUnit, Rspec, PhantomJS, Moment.jsBootstrapSassCoffeeScript, Amazon EC2, Nginx, Unicorn, Capistrano, Codeship, GitPivotal Tracker

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