Traditional & Digital Artwork

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Painting and traditional artwork was suppressed from Cur1yJ's life for the entirety of his childhood. As a result, most of his creativity manifested in the technological/digital realms. In 2013, Cur1y was given the opportunity to spend countless hours acrylic painting. In 2019, after spending the past 6 years studying, experimenting, and learning through observation/imitation, he hit a wall with his painting techniques and processes. He craved the knowledge and understanding of old masters, and sought out a teacher to help illuminate the painting pathways. Cur1y continues apprenticing under master oil painter Jack Shure over the past year. Jack studied with artists like Christian Rex Van Minnen and Maura Holden. These modern masters have dedicated their lives to studying, creating, and interpreting Old Master painting techniques developed by the likes of Titian and other renaissance painters. With Jack's guidance, Cur1y has learned techniques such as under-painting, indirect painting, grisaille, glazing, and many other modes of creating that significantly enhance the artwork and continuously pushes Cur1y to improve his craft.

Cur1y now primarily works with oils, preferring to 'paint with the Earth'. He still dabbles in other mediums like acrylic periodically to explore different feelings and forms of expression, working on developing his own unique style and portfolio. Having Native American and Italian heritage, Cur1y feels a strong connection to his ancestors, and a responsibility to evolve artwork and creativity based on the groundwork laid by his predecessors.

As of 2023, Curly has been heavily exploring sculpting, and the digital art world; including creating a 20-foot modular sculpture 'Granny Flames', building AI data structures & models, working with generative AI, LED's, projection mapping, and crafting fully immersive & responsive experiences.

His artwork is his life and experiences, channeled onto a canvas. Cur1y is constantly dancing on a line somewhere between full on abstraction and realism, inspired by Mother Nature and numerous cultures, spanning a wide range of interests and genres. Although it's just paint on a canvas in reality, manifesting both real and imaginary subjects, Cur1y's work is a part of his spirit that you can physically experience. He hopes you feel something energetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally when connecting with his art. Cur1y embraces each creative pursuit as a form of exploration, discovery, self-growth, expression, and connection. Each piece of work, every experience uniquely their own, Cur1y hopes that openly sharing these vibrations resonates throughout the world.

Below, you can view all official final releases for any creative works completed by Cur1yJ.

For any questions, customs, & collaborations: please don't hesitate to reach out directly, or DM @Cur1yJ on any major social media platform.

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