Cur1yJ Platform Launch Guide + Notes
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

So, I've spent the past little while building this platform, Cur1yJ.

The "L" is a ONE (1). Prounounced CURL-EEEE JAY.

Cur1yJ is me.

"Titan" is the little creature that you see.

I'll be live streaming a lot of painting, discussion, visual art, tech, etc. here, before the end of the year. Just have to run a couple test streams. And it's connected to Twitch too, if you're into that.

Journal entries/news/blog info is in the News section.

Journeys are where you can follow along in a more personal, specific, detailed way. Some are in progress, real time. Some have evolved, or "completed". Like when I was doing my oil painting study.

The Gallery is where you can check out my visual artwork and tech/developement projects.

Streams is for all your video-viewing pleasure.

Store is where you can support and purchase gear (currently an Etsy shop).

When I'm not actively live streaming, I host other channels/music/art/good juju. You can watch/listen/chat using the video player while browsing the platform.

Please, use the sidebar and chat with us... You can also ShareFollowSubscribe, Donate, View the Schedule, and quick Explore all of the most recent content in one place.

If you sign in to your Account, you can unlock exclusive Titan Avatar .svg rewards for taking certain actions on the platform. You can download them, use them, print them, and do whatever you like! ... I won't tell you exactly what to do to get them all, you'll have to explore (I'll expand more on that system in the future).

In the footer, you'll find Social Links, Contact Info, and Newsletter Signup.

And from here, we grow, together :).

Welcome to the Jungle <3.

Studio 38, PCK, Yopoh & Vibe City Reflection
Friday, December 1, 2017

Years ago, I co-founded a Non-Profit project for the community and arts based out of MA called Vibe City. Around the same time I was pretty involved with Section 17 and managing (I hate this word, it really was way deeper and more meaningful than that) Planetary Circus Kingdom (Soundcloud, Youtube), then Yopoh (Bandcamp, Facebook). Over a span of 4 or 5 years, I worked with a team of amazing supporters, contributors, friends and artists, focusing on the the advancement of independent art, creativity, positivity, love, and the success and sustainability of community, and the role that we all play in these important fields; both current and past members and their creative and passionate endeavors. I still carry on that spirit with me.

We hosted numerous events and seminars with artists looking to expand their consciousness and follow their dreams. It's a wonderful DIY community. I wore many hats during these inspiring years. I collaborated with PCK and Yopoh directly as they were involved in every project. We built a studio (Studio 38) that's still a haven today for artists to create, record, and practice all forms of expression and creativity through sound and art. I built a live streaming service to broadcast our activity and maintained some form of web presence. Purchased more music/art equipment, lighting, event gear, decorations, building materials, and studio tools than I can count. I helped manage, coordinate, plan, and execute all of our events. We organized a series of art and music showcases around New England. We completed numerous paintings and recorded multiple albums during this time. I'm so grateful for that time of my life. I was able to evolve and learn together with a growing, caring collective of people.

Studio 38
Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A look at the art/music studio we built in the south coast of MA. Poured my spirit into this place. One of the hardest parts about moving West was leaving this place's energy.

Yopoh - Self Titled
Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We live-streamed part of the creation of this album when Yopoh was formed and this platform was in beta. Check out the official release here and listen below... Artwork by Louis Johnson.

PCK - Deuces (30 in 30 days)
Saturday, December 3, 2016

So we decided to see if we could create and release 30 music tracks in 30 days. PCK made 40. Check 'em out below or listen on SoundCloud.

PCK - Phun Ki
Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2nd album drop, working with PCK. Listen below or click here to download!

Vib3 City: Return of the Vibe (Art & Music Showcase)
Friday, August 21, 2015

The 3rd act in our Vibe City Art & Music Showcase Series! COME one, come all!!! VIBE CITY presents a spectacular night of music, art, craft, food, drink, fashion, creativity, community, friendship, and JUBILATION!

All ages! $8 entry!
There will be a raffle to support 3rd EyE Youth Empowerment, Inc. of New Bedford

The Viennagram 11:00pm
Planetary Circus Kingdom 9:45pm
Hwuevo 8:30pm

Acoustic Awakening
Jake Slater

with special guests Faultergeist, Sodo, Le-Ohm

Sarah Dee (Closed EYE Visuals)
Soyoon Cha (Soyomyoyo)
Louis Johnson Louis Johnson Art)
William Johnson (Blue Noise Art Collective)
Benjamin Re (Blue Noise)
Ian Kerouac McGowen (Blue Noise)
Ellie Goodman (Blue Noise)
Caitlin Aitchison (Lin Aitchison)
Ross Dunham (Ross Dunham Photography)
Tyler Dickow (Tyler Dickow Art)
Daniel Dubois (Dangerdan is Always on DUTY)
Shawn (White Deer Designs)
Julia Foster (Cupcakes)
Michael Grant (Grants Groom)
Phillup Cups (MoonDreamTea CloudBased Teahouse)

Vibe City 2: Live Art & Music Showcase
Friday, May 8, 2015

Welcome to part 2 of our art and music showcase series! Come and join us for an evening of vibe and culture. There will be plentiful fun and an overwhelming amount of smiles. Hold on to your earlobes because the music will make your ears want to dance off of your head! The stunning sights will make your eyes water with joy! Behold the beauty of our VIBE CITY!!!

All ages
cover = $8

Background Orcs 11:00pm
Planetary Circus Kingdom 10:00pm
The Dead L.A. 9:00pm
Jake Slater 8:00pm
with intermittent performances by Faultergeist
Closed EYE Visuals
Ross Dunham Photography
Louis Johnson Art
Lin Aitchison
Tyler Dickow
Dankee Designs
Fine Arts by Megan Bachant
Heather Berthelette
William Johnson
Grants Groom
Intergalactic Tea Man

PCKeene (Live Event)
Saturday, September 6, 2014

I organized an event for PCK to play two shows in the middle of downtown Keene, NH. Acoustics will be vibrating throughout the city. Details above or contact me for specifics. See you there!

Vibe City 1: Live Art & Music Showcase
Friday, August 22, 2014

We're throwing our first live art and music showcase in MA! Details in the flyer. Contact me for more info.

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