Project Globatrix

Monday, December 30, 2019
Interface & Blockchain Master

Decentralizing The Web

One of the founding members of Globatrix - a decentralized internet platform and Virtual Reality ecosystem with its own financial structure. Offers users various products such as Glove VPN, GBro Browser, Globe CMS, Globe Messenger. Relies on a collaborative web model that is based on public reputation. This ensures that the internet bandwidth is not clogged by advertisers as only the relevant ads from reputable advertisers are allowed to access the network.

Globatrix is a blockchain based decentralized internet model that solves the current problems of the web, and prevents monopoly across the online advertising sector. Globatrix will make the web greener, utilize AI algorithms, incorporate big data analytical patterns, decentralize social networks, and set the stage for full support of VR technologies.

GLOB is Globatrix's native token. GLOB is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. 225 million GLOB tokens will be offered for sale via the ICO, which represent 90% of the total token supply. GLOB will be the basic currency for paying of usage of Globatrix's decentralized internet services.

Some responsibilities / road
- Token presale, marketing, promotion
- ITO, marketing, development, testing, contributors will get access to early alpha versions
- Testing and unofficial early beta-release, contributors will have access to beta versions, release of the mining tools and interfaces, wallets and exchange tools.
- Platform release. Available for free from the website and gitHub repositories
- Additional business tools development: collaboration, remote meetings, VR tools.
- Business tools release
- Globatrix operating system and development preparation (with own ITO)
- Globatrix Operating System development

Check out the Whitepaper here.

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