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Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Ruby on Rails & AngularJS Development

Mystery, Labs, and Engineering Challenges

MosaMack (a new tech-science education platform for kids) hired me as "interim CTO" during a period where the incumbent CTO was moving on to another project. I had to take over "everything tech" for a short while. This included full stack development of a pretty sweet RailsAngular web application, analysis, consultation, and UX design. The system depended heavily on 3rd party integrations; something I always try to avoid. It's tough to rely on any 3rd party providers because they have their own interests in mind, could stop working on their service, and you're essentially dependent on them in order for your business to properly function. 

I had to review and perform a technical analysis of business requirements and suggested new features. I laid out an architecture with detailed technical designs for our student/teacher portal for live, interactive quizzes, tests, news, and events. It's still used in classrooms today. I documented ideas for making the application faster, better and easier to use. Programmed clean, modular, robust code to implement features and squash exisiting bugs. We used Slack for communication, and I wrote a custom slack integration that connected to mosamack and used commands to view/import/export data. It also grants admin control of the user permission levels created (i.e. restrict access, or grant temporary or full access to a paid or free user). Of course, I had to do devops work, and execute some server side maintenance and updates.

Tech StackRuby 2.2.2, Rails 4.2.0, Angular.js, BootstrapPostgreSQL, Ubuntu, Amazon AWS, Elastic BeanstalkCoffeeScriptjQuery, SCSSSassNginx, Rspec, Puma, Clipboard.js, Selectize.js, Moment.js, Zepto.jsLodash.js, NPM, Bower, Vimeo, Font Awesome, Mailchimp & Mandrill, Mixpanel, ZenDesk, Google Analytics, Optimizely, Crazyegg, Custom Slack Integrations, Pivotal TrackerStripeGit

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