Saturday, July 16, 2016
Ruby, Java, & Swift Development + UX Design

Mobile Stylist, Fashion, Shopping & Sharing

Maybe this app shouldn't be in my portfolio, but I think it at least deserves honorable mention. This was pretty much an all-equity passion project. I collaborated with Kennie Elerby and his close friend Mehul to architect, design, and lead develop native iOS & Android fashion applications. I was essentially the CTO, whereas Kennie and Mehul provided the vision, knowledge, and marketing around fashion. Watch the video below for a demo. I'll let that speak for itself. Unfortunately, this app never saw the light of day. I still have the source code, so I suppose we could probably revive it at some point. But we would all have to rekindle the flame. We were developing such complex algorithms, machine learning, and AI tech, it was extremely fun and fascinating. But I think we all just got burnt out, and weren't making any money to sustain such an ambitious vision. If you contact me, I can share more about how the algorithm worked and go into more user story details.

Tech Stack: Swift 2.3, Xcode, MySQL, Java, Ruby, Machine Learning, AI, JavaScript, Custom Algorithms, Custom APIs, SassCoffeeScriptjQueryGit, Slack, Amazon S3, Heroku


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