JumpSend + JungleScout

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Ruby on Rails Startup

Amazon Sales & Reviews

I collaborated with the founder of JungleScout, Greg Mercer, to architect, design, & engineer a responsive ruby on rails application for an eCommerce product that integrates with Jungle Scout, named "JumpSend". This included devops and consulting, from the projects conception through to official day-zero launch. Jump Send grew out of the need for Amazon sellers to connect with prospective customers. It was initially a marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect to exchange discounted products for honest reviews. It was the best way to launch Amazon products, generate product reviews, and run automated email campaigns. JumpSend also focuses on email communications as the cornerstone feature to help Amazon sellers grow their business. JumpSend now has more then 100,000 active shoppers. You can read more about JumpSend and JungleScout here. Recently, they split the Seller module of the platform off into it's own platform called Launch.

Tech Stack: Ruby 2.2.2, Rails 4.2.3, PostgreSQLCoffeeScriptjQuerySass, Amazon Product Advertising API, Bower, NPM, Lightbox.js, Slick.js, Modernizr, Zepto.js, Instafeed.js, Wordpress, Google Font APINginx, Mailgun, Fastly, Highcharts.jsLodash.js, RVM, Homebrew, New Relic, MandrillMixpanel, Cloudflare, Google Analytics, HerokuStripeGit, JIRA



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