Saturday, December 16, 2017
PHP, Scripting, & CRMs

Building Ecommerce Sales & Marketing Funnels

eJam focuses on data-driven performance marketing, helping businesses create and execute comprehensive marketing strategies. They're a top-tier ad network with a full time focus on direct response advertising. Leveraging a complete arsenal of interactive marketing solutions, eJam drives results and ROI. Specializing in the health and beauty industry, eJam leverages its advanced technology and proprietary tools to efficiently target health-conscious consumers and generate immediate demand for brands. With a team of New Media experts, eJam represents core fundamentals of client acquisitions, engagement, and retention to enable sustainable and scalable growth for businesses. I helped eJam build out these sales pipelines in PHP, scraping websites and learning various CRMs. We would test funnels before deploying them live for various clients.

Tech StackPHP, Various CRMs, JavaScript, Sales Funnels, UX Design, Web Scraping

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