Crowd Rock

Monday, March 12, 2012
PHP Mobile Web App Development

A New Collaborative Music Experience

I collaborated with six Harvard Business Graduates on Crowd Rock @ Harvard University on an incubated start-up, and tested/audited our MVP build live @ MIT. I handled full stack front and back end development, working closely with the team to quickly architect and build out a crowd sourcing mobile web application for live hosting events, that functioned cross-platform. Crowd Rock is a music app that allows hosts (e.g. Disc Jockey, Musician, etc.) to add songs in real-time to a shared playlist, where users can then up-vote or down-vote songs, comment, and earn reputation points they more the interact. Some of my work on the project involved server configuration, GPS location services, live comment feeds, host backends with live statistics, front end/itunes playlist integrations, custom playlists, UX, leaderboard system, and custom ranking algorithms for individual tracks. You can check out the open source, albeit old, code on Github.

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