Tuesday, March 6, 2018
SWIFT, Java & Ruby Development

Tech-Educational Smartphone App

I spent a few months helping Cogli finish build educationally-focused native iOS & Android platforms connected to a Ruby web server running on Heroku. Cogli helps students balance their academic obligations with their social and extracurricular ones. It incentivizes students to learn so that they can get to the more fun" activities. And it more fully integrates learning as a normal part of everyday life, like texting a friend. There's over 100 quizzes, study guides, and tutorials. The app is super secure, and users can always make phone calls to an approved list of contacts, without having to worry about answering a quiz question. This is one of my favorite features. Cogli never blocks incoming calls, so you will always be able to call your child. Cogli can’t be activated on a phone without having a parent add at least one emergency contact number to an approved call list, in addition to 911. I worked full stack with a team of developers on features and fixes in each of the mobile and web systems. We used Gitlab for distributed development. I had to project manage and scope features, and coded mainly in Swift and Java.

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