Boulder Bike Tours

Thursday, December 28, 2017
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Mountain & Road Bike Tours in Colorado & Cuba

When I moved to Colorado at the end of 2017, I left an opportunity to stay in Boston and co-found Valor Performance. I absolultely loved my time with CEO Sarah Milby, and was enthralled with her vision for Valor. She wants to help people. That motive alone is super important for me when choosing what projects to spend my time working on. I wanted to contribute everything I could to their platform in that sense, but I knew that I would get stuck in New England for the forseeable future if I were to commit to Valor. The mountains were calling me out West. And so I had to go.

Eventually I found myself living in Boulder, and was fortunate enough to connect with Boulder Bike Tours 5 minutes down the road. It was a really cool opportunity to get familiar with the area while I settled my personal life down a bit. Cycling is huge in Boulder, like the entire city is built around bikers. I would meet with the CEO at his house a couple times a week, consulting on various technologies and the internet of things. BBT is built on PHP, Wordpress, and WooCommerce. I spent a fair bit of time doing some development and design work. But really this project involved more "tech consulting", from dev and design to marketing, project management, SEO, copywriting, scripting, social media marketing, email marketing, and analytics. I was there to lend a hand and my brain any way I could. I'm super grateful for my small amount of time spent at BBT.

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