Vibe City 2: Live Art & Music Showcase

Friday, May 8, 2015


Welcome to part 2 of our art and music showcase series! Come and join us for an evening of vibe and culture. There will be plentiful fun and an overwhelming amount of smiles. Hold on to your earlobes because the music will make your ears want to dance off of your head! The stunning sights will make your eyes water with joy! Behold the beauty of our VIBE CITY!!!

All ages
cover = $8

Background Orcs 11:00pm
Planetary Circus Kingdom 10:00pm
The Dead L.A. 9:00pm
Jake Slater 8:00pm
with intermittent performances by Faultergeist
Closed EYE Visuals
Ross Dunham Photography
Louis Johnson Art
Lin Aitchison
Tyler Dickow
Dankee Designs
Fine Arts by Megan Bachant
Heather Berthelette
William Johnson
Grants Groom
Intergalactic Tea Man

Friday, May 8, 2015
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