Vib3 City: Return of the Vibe (Art & Music Showcase)

Friday, August 21, 2015


The 3rd act in our Vibe City Art & Music Showcase Series! COME one, come all!!! VIBE CITY presents a spectacular night of music, art, craft, food, drink, fashion, creativity, community, friendship, and JUBILATION!

All ages! $8 entry!
There will be a raffle to support 3rd EyE Youth Empowerment, Inc. of New Bedford

The Viennagram 11:00pm
Planetary Circus Kingdom 9:45pm
Hwuevo 8:30pm

Acoustic Awakening
Jake Slater

with special guests Faultergeist, Sodo, Le-Ohm

Sarah Dee (Closed EYE Visuals)
Soyoon Cha (Soyomyoyo)
Louis Johnson Louis Johnson Art)
William Johnson (Blue Noise Art Collective)
Benjamin Re (Blue Noise)
Ian Kerouac McGowen (Blue Noise)
Ellie Goodman (Blue Noise)
Caitlin Aitchison (Lin Aitchison)
Ross Dunham (Ross Dunham Photography)
Tyler Dickow (Tyler Dickow Art)
Daniel Dubois (Dangerdan is Always on DUTY)
Shawn (White Deer Designs)
Julia Foster (Cupcakes)
Michael Grant (Grants Groom)
Phillup Cups (MoonDreamTea CloudBased Teahouse)

Friday, August 21, 2015
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