Sage & Fool Short List

Sunday, September 14, 2008



  • Light Side
    • Knowledge is more factual based and taking everything in
    • Wisdom is processing that information and applying the facts to understanding
    • Dispelling illusion
    • Always looking for the truth
    • Highest freedom: freedom from attachment and illusion
    • Sees room for correction (error, not sin)
    • Looks for a solution, doesn’t just act on things
  • Shadow:
    • Controlling
    • Uses knowledge to dominate others
    • Excessive criticism  


  • Light Side
    • Enjoys life one day at a time
    • Doesn’t worry about anything but the present 
    • Turns everything into a joke – sees the comic side
    • Curious about adventure 
    • If something is serious, he shows us the funny side (every situation)
    • Commits to a relationship after being intimidated at first
  • Shadow
    • Intimidated by love at first
    • Not responsible 


So... what is the difference between a trickster and fool?

Sunday, September 14, 2008
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