Nerd since baby phase one, I program web and mobile software applications, mostly for startups. Also about me- a shy loud cusp of prophecy competitive serial entrepreneur Italian with a dash of Native American heritage involved in a wonderful DIY local non-profit community. Oh and I love cats. I let my creativity run wild through a variety of outlets; painting, drawing, writing, sports, web, travel, playing music and dreaming are some of them. And I'm extremely passionate, caring, and giving- almost to a fault. WARNING: I need people. Lastly, and Firstly, I do everything out of Love, and you should too:)



Please bear with me. It’s been a while since I’ve updated Cur1yJ.com. BUT, I’m getting ready for some massive changes, and a re-launch to re-define what Cur1yJ is, and what will be happening when you visit. More info to come soon!

Turrim Stream

Live streaming art, games, music & entertainment.

Louis Johnson Art

Painter. Pen and pencil work. You choose the style.

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Please bear with me. It's been a while since I've updated Cur1yJ.com. BUT, I'm getting ready for some massive changes, … [Read More...]


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