Vibe City

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I co-founded a Non-Profit project for the community and arts based out of MA. I worked with a team of amazing supporters, contributors, friends, artists, and members of Vibe City. Our focus is on the the advancement of independent art, creativity, positivity, love, and the success and sustainability of community, and the role that Vibe City and it's members play in these important fields; both current and past members and their creative and passionate endeavors. We hosted numerous events and seminars with our artists, looking to expand their consciousness. It's a wonderful DIY community. I wore many hats during these inspiring years. I managed a band Planetary Circus Kingdom directly involved with the project. We built a full on art and music studio to create, record, and practice all forms of expression and creativity through sound and art. I built a live streaming service to broadcast our activity. Purchased more music/art equipment, lighting, event gear, decorations, building materials, and studio tools than I can count. I helped manage, coordinate, plan, and execute all of our events. I built and maintained our web presence. Completed numerous paintings and recorded multiple albums. Although my life's journey has taken me elsewhere, the Vibe will always be alive inside my Spirit for as long as I am.



Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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