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Saturday, November 3, 2018
Amped Overview 101

Release Date: Jun 1, 2014 


This project involved full stack development of TWO Ruby on Rails daily fantasy sports mobile web applications running on MongoDB for the World Cup and Major League Baseball with Impact Fantasy Sports.


First, AMPED MLB- A pay-to-play daily fantasy sports game site with a focus on custom contests. This fully featured property delivers daily fantasy sports contests with cash prize awards wrapped within a robust community-driven experience. I debugged and refactored existing code. Wrote seed tasks. Fixed gems. Setup an authentication system for integration with the Sportsdata API. Created a leaderboard scoring system, my team, the ability to see details from all teams in the leaderboard, change scores between weeks, dates, along with pull down titles, and individual leaderboard displays. 


Second, I built Budweiser's PennSocial World Cup- A pick'em style weekly fantasy sports contest for bars and restaurants. Patrons play for free on their mobile device with a chance to win prizes. Features include live leaderboards, auto email broadcasts, social sharing and in game advertising. This involved full integration with STATS API, with the ability to seed schedule/teams, player & team profiles, and play-by-play data. I created api calls for fetching data. Leaderboards. Created the ability to make picks. Tested from fake stats feed. Coded draft visibility on the main page, join contest functionality, draft page display, matchup locking, knockout rounds, scoring, custom URLs, logos, menu buttons, favicon, social sharing and email notification copy, custom game rules, notifications, advertising engine, user signup, and setup tasks. Deployed live, and debugged any live issues in real time. test

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