Bunk1 Rollcall


Spent a year as the first hire under the architect building a massive, high volume ruby on rails web application, responsible for managing an entire camp organization’s operation 365 days a year. Some of my responsibilities were front and back end programming, designing and maintaining code, implementing upgrades, patches, code releases, database changes, testing, debugging, scaling, full reporting engine, notification system, communication log, mobile development, online registration, lead, staff, alumni management, camp scheduling, transportation & retreats, camp enrollment, drag/drop bunking system for campers, API integration with social media services, and custom rake tasks to execute code.

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Social Boston Sports


I completed a re-design and development of SBS’ information architecture, rolled over from Joomla to Drupal 7. Development work involved the optimization of website’s environment for ease of both front-end client use and back-end development. Heavy content migration, social media integration, Drupal configuration, setup, user permissions, contributed modules, custom PHP code, and client training. Supported the older system throughout the transition, and utilized Github for distributed development.

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