Brought on as lead full stack developer to take over the project from multiple outsourced developers. Originally built as a real-time crowdfunding solution (fka ThinkShip, HubFive), StoryTap is now a social TV for storytelling. You can participate with friends, family, and people of similar interests by adding episodes to tell stories in real-time. Currently StoryTap is closing funding with the hope of building out much needed native iOS and Android apps. The massive shift and poor code base caused a myriad of issues and constraints, most notably the inability to re-develop, test, QA, and properly build out an application. Some tech utilized: Ruby 2, PostgreSQL 9.3, DigitalOcean (cloud servers to host staging and live environments), Amazon S3 (storing images), SendGrid (transactional emails), WePay (payment processing), GoDaddy (SSL certificate and email hosting), AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Carrierwave, VideoJS, Fog, Sidekiq

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Consulted and programmed full stack with a team of developers for MyFlightTrain– a web-based suite of software that allows a flight school to self-manage, enabling the school to run paperless, track schedules, flight logs, billing, and course progress on both web and iOS platforms. Continuously deployed to multiple development, staging, and production platforms using Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.1.x, and MySQL together with git for version control. Pivotal Tracker for project management. Fixed numerous bugs. Developed new features for grading, payment accounts, table displays, selling items, TSA, squawks, dispatches, courses, and admins. Coded rake scripts. Reworked and implemented security system while debugging security flaws.

Some tech utilized:

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