Bolt Draft

I played the role of full stack lead developer from ground zero through to production build. Coded psd/mockups in HTML/CSS/JS with responsive views. Bootstrap for templating. rspec for testing. Wrote specs. Wrote unit test cases. Configured rails with postgresql and heroku. Deployed regularly to staging and managed testing/dev/production environments. Integrated codeship. Git for version control. ERB for templating. Wrote seed data. Integrated devise. Created home page, draft page, lineup page, entries, salary cap, signin/signup functionality, splash page, player stats popup, upcoming & my contest pages, invitation mailer with history and status reporting, waiting line specs & associations, refer a friend page, leaderboard, game center, account funds, account history, withdraw and info pages. Utilized STATS API and coded custom STATS gem fully integrated with rails app for populating players, contests, stats, etc. Refactored code. Added countdown for for contests, drafts, and lineups. Coded rake task for fetching contests daily.

Some Tech Used:

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