Painting by Cur1yJ

Dance. – A painting by Cur1yJ

Caught Between Summer & Fall

Abstract PaintingOwl perched in caught between the changing seasons? Summer vs Fall? You tell me- it’s abstract. Left up to interpretation. Interpret below!

Painting of Nothing

Painting of NothingMy thought process when creating this abstract piece: Nothing.

Nothing to say? Well, that’s OK. Just in case, you can say something in the c-section below.

Mandala Theme

MandalaA mandala themed abstract painting of mine.

Comments? Criticisms? Suggestions? Love? Hate? C-section is down under.

Organized Confusion

Organized Confusion paintingA painting of mine called Organized Confusion.

Comment below if you would like something painted, or if you hate it. Or love it. Speak up. It’s healthy to communicate.